Red Faction: Armageddon Destructive Multiplayer is Fun

Gone are the days when Nano Forge technology was use simply for absolute destruction and disintegration. Now you get to use it for fuller purposes.

It’s time we use it to get ourselves the Shockwave power for holding enemies in mid-air, go beastly powerful with the Berserk damage upgrade, to protect ourselves with the Shell power, and to repair the things we’ve destroyed, just in case there is a change of heart.

What I’m talking about ? It’s the multiplayer mode of Red Faction: Armageddon, the fourth installment in the series which takes place round about 50 years after the events of Red Faction: Guerilla. For this article, we’ll only look at what the multiplayer will be like in this Martian game.

There are two modes in Armageddon’s multiplayer, the Infestation mode, and the Ruin mode. The Infestation mode is the well known Horde-style mode but, with the cool things that can be done with the harnessed Nano Forge technology, combined with other slick features. It feels like Infestation mode will be more than just an invasion-endurance.

First off, it’s a Red Faction title for Pete’s sake, so it’s bound to have a hell lot of destruction which should set its horde-styled Infestation mode apart from the rest of the hordes of similar modes, ignoring the pun. Darius will be using his trusty weapons such as the Magnet Gun and the Gravity Gun to do things the way he likes, Demolition-Man styled.

Red Faction Armageddon

Eliminating enemies by destroying your surroundings is fun as ever, and with the new option of repairing the mayhem you just caused, you could repeat your destruction buffed stuff to entertain yourself until you get bored of it. That is if you ever get bored of it.

If you think doing all that by yourself is slightly fatiguing, then you can always ask a cooperative team member to give you a lending hand. As a matter of fact, team work will be greatly encouraged in the game, as there is the inclusion of the Dark version of the maps.

That means once you have completed the list of normal maps, and got newer Nano Forge abilities by completing a certain number of waves, you get to play in literally darkened versions of the normal maps with all the lights turned off. This would force players to stick together and form strategies to tackle the enemies in the scarce amount of visibility that is provided by their flashlights. Wander away from your team to play the selfish way, and you’ll be rotten meat in a trice.

Developers are also saying that the Infestation mode will also have a small part to play in the main story . To what scale is not particularly known, but it has been indicated that it will help fill the small but identifiable gaps left in the main storyline.

Now let’s have a look at the Ruin mode. This mode is for those who wish to pulverize all things that can be pulverized in a game, without the obligation of having a set of annoying companions to do it with.

Red Faction Armageddon

Basically, the main idea of this mode is to destroy, destroy, and demolish (Destroy). The main objective is to try and get a high score by smashing and crushing everything and anything that is crushable while keeping your multiplier rate high through the usage of explosive barrels and by destroying multiple buildings at once.

The leaderboard support will help player fighting for the top position. The inclusion of numerous methods with which you can pleasantly eradicate your environment, makes this mode extremely addictive and entertaining.

From what we have seen, Armageddon is taking all the good things that were in Guerilla, adding flavor to it with the new multiplayer modes and sleek features, and attempting to make it an experience that we have not been too exposed to.

A healthy reminder to all that Red Faction: Armageddon is scheduled to be released at the start of June, 2011, so you might want to plan the makeup for the hopefully hell lot of time you will spend playing this game.