Five Baseless Rumors About Playstation Network Outage

PS3 users are upset as PSN services failure extends to fourth day. When you have games like Portal 2, Mortal Kombat, and SOCOM 4 begging to be played online, it just adds extra frustration. If this wasn’t enough, they have had to read through all the bullshit conspiracy theories sane people wouldn’t even consider in the situation.

Right now I am going to laugh out on some of the hilarious rumors about PSN outage and would want your cooperation if you are among the effected one’s and feel the same as I do.

1. “Playstation Network Users details (Credit Card and Other Personal Details) are compromised”. Though it may be a valid claim but I don’t think this is even possible. All this information is stored encrypted on the servers and the encryption when decrypted results in new information. So, you see your credit card details are totally safe.

This type of encryption requires a public key ‘probably used by servers’ to encrypt data and then requires a private key to read the data. So in any of the given situations, you as a PSN user are safe. Even if this very secure form of encryption is not being used by Sony which is highly unlikely, your details are encrypted and it should be safe enough.

2. “Sony is keeping information from us, because something has gone awfully bad at their end”. Something has gone bad, but keeping information from general public or end users till everything is confirmed or resolved is general norm.

To be fair to an organization like Sony, they did try to update their fan base on the gravity of situation but since everyone is so pissed with this coming around holidays, Sony wouldn’t want to feed you with half arsed information.

You got to trust an organization when they say:

We’re aware certain functions of PlayStation Network are down. We will report back here as soon as we can with more information. Thank you for your patience.

It just means they need more time before they make another statement. That doesn’t make them incompetent either, they are just following through the protocols when it comes to situations like this.

If you feel pissed, they can’t do anything about it but hope you will forgive them when everything has been resolved.

3. “Valve’s integration of Steamworks with Portal 2 Made PSN Vulnerable” and “Valve is Behind This”. No it didn’t. Steam integration in anyway doesn’t force you to use the steam cloud. It just adds an incentive to do that. Valve and Sony are both reputable companies, it’s a straight forward trolling if you accuse any under these circumstances for being unfaithful to each other.

4. It’s the competitor “Microsoft’s Doing”. You would expect something like that to pop up in a given situation considering the extremely loyal fans both of these companies have. But you need to ask yourself what benefit would Microsoft get from PSN services failure which is going to be temporary not permanent? and which is highly likely to end up in a lawsuit. Trade off is so huge that even if Microsoft was run by blind old women, she wouldn’t consider that.

5. “Sony is incompetent”. This is more of statement then a rumor by the famous ‘Anonymous’ group of hackers. Yes, Sony is incompetent because they absolutely blew away every console video games line up this year. Yes, they are incompetent because they forced Valve to change their thoughts about their console.

Yes, they are incompetent because they are launching the Next Generation Portable this year. Yes, they are incompetent because they tried to protect their intellectual property for becoming a toy for a self obsessed hacker and the list goes on.

PSN is down. But, why all the hate ? is it really the PSN fans who are whining about everything that’s going on because I thought Playstation fans were more of a CULT, extremely loyal to Sony. So Why ? I ask humbly. Today it’s Sony, tomorrow it can be Microsoft or Nintendo. It’s a never ending quest for the organizations to keep the fans happy.