Mass Effect 3 Story, Characters, Gameplay and Graphics – New Info

OK people… it’s time the Mass Effect fans get some news regarding the 3rd game of the series. Bioware is teasing us already with the release of some very interesting updates regarding the scenario of the game. If you haven’t played Mass Effect 1 or 2 and you’re sitting down reading this article, better go and play these or you would living your excitement blindly.

The Story
It’s safe to say that we’re glad we don’t know too much about the story; we’d like the surprise meal to be a surprise. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have an idea.

The game starts off with Shepard on Earth, but for not-too-good reasons; he attending a trial for his actions in Mass Effect Arrival. During his trial, the Reapers will suddenly invade Earth, and that is where the real game kicks off.

If you haven’t played the Arrival DLC, then too bad for you. Okay, that’s just a joke, since the game will feature a comic-styled ‘previously in Mass Effect’ (that isn’t its official name) which will acquaint new-comers with the happenings of the first two games of the series.

We also have word that Cerberus and The Illusive Man have a large part to play in the game. We also know that they won’t be lending Shepard shiny new ships and super-cool AIs called SID this time, since now they’ll be aiming to hunt Shepard down. Why the sudden change of heart of Cerberus is something that will be revealed at the beginning of the game.

Companions and Recurring Characters
If a game’s prequels have fantastic characters such as Mordin, Liara, Ashley/Kaiden, Wrex, Anderson and Garrus, it’s would be fair not to add too many new characters. Out of these Liara, Ashley/Kaiden and Garrus will be your companions or squad members, while it hasn’t been confirmed whether the others can be recruited or not. Along with these is another character James Sanders, who is an Alliance Marine.

If you lost a few squad members during the ending of Mass Effect 2 and you plan to import your saves from it, then be prepared to not have those who died. The decisions of both Mass Effect 1 and 2 will greatly affect the circumstances in Mass Effect 3.

Another good thing – apart from the other good thing that Ashley decided to untie her hair – is the loyalties of the characters are not necessarily earned by doing side quests for them. That means you get to romance whoever you like without having the compulsion to go blasting away enemies in some alien world.

Gameplay Changes
Bioware says there’s going to be plenty different regarding the gameplay. Well, they don’t say that directly – it’s just how we interpreted it. The gameplay will be round about 10 to 15 percent faster than that of Mass Effect 3 – which, quite frankly speaking, was fairly fast for an RPG. There will also be more RPG content in the game, with larger areas to explore and more places to go.

The game will also feature customizable weapons, which you can enhance with different attachments. The way a player customizes a weapon will greatly affect the way it performs and looks. Alongside weapons, melee attacks will also play an important role in the combat, which means Shepard won’t be absolutely dead meat when a krogan comes within the punching/kicking/head butting range (those aren’t the official melee attacks for Shepard, for your information).

The way enemies are fought will also be slightly different. Dynamic damage feature has been added, so shooting different areas will do different kinds of damage to the enemies. You can cut off enemy arms, break their heads, or break various pieces of their armor.

The entire above bit sounds cool, but we really hope Bioware doesn’t make the same mistakes by simplifying the gameplay the way they did with Dragon Age 2.

Enemies and World
We’ll be seeing a good variety of enemies in Mass Effect 3, out of which the Reapers will be the main concern. The Reapers will have a few variants; we’ll be seeing the conventional leviathans that are 2 kilometers long and also smaller versions which are around 500-600 meters in length. Additionally, Cerberus enemies, such as Mechas and their sub-types, Shock Troops and Assault Units and uptil now there is no information regarding the inclusion of Geth.

While the main focus will be the Reaper invasion of Earth, Shepard and his team will still be busy exploring the galaxy, much like before. You’ll be visiting places like New York and London on Earth, and also other worlds such as a certain Salarian world, Mars and many other unrevealed locations.

There will also be a larger general scenario. The environment will consist of much more detail, such as busy streets, ships fighting, and mega architectures with enormous details. New lighting techniques will be used to improve the graphics quality. There will be more dynamic elements in the gaming world, increasing interactivity with the environment.

As mentioned previously, we really, truly hope that Bioware does not make a Dragon Age 2 styled sequel, which, sparing a few, would not be well received by the majority. The least Mass Effect 3 has to do to become a mighty success is be as enjoyable, as simple, and as entertaining as the previous two games in the series.

Mass Effect 3 is aiming for a fall release this year for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3 and Xbox360.