Dirt 3 Multiplayer Revives Arcade Racing With New Modes

How would a developer can take out the seriousness off the game and make it good enough to be fun to play ? answer would be by responding to the feedback of the fans of the franchise. Dirt 3 aims to deliver exact mix of hardcore and casual racing experience to the rally racing crowd with an arcade mix of multiplayer modes.

The multiplayer of Dirt 3 will be more fun with the addition of three new modes aim to attract more of casual racing fans. While staying true to their hardcore community by keeping the traditional rally racing modes.

‘Invasion’ gives you the ticket to save the earth from the Aliens that appear randomly in an open area you have to race around. Score the maximum points by ramming into Aliens and avoid hitting the buildings. If you are more of an ass and simple stuff doesn’t go well with you, then ram into your friends car, get them hit the building, steal their points and robots to snatch the victory.

If you are more of a guy that need rules of badassery, play Outbreak. A zombie mode in rally racing, how is that for a surprise. One racer’s car is randomly turned green (Zombie), forcing him to went rogue on the un-effected cars to get them join the zombie horde since more is better. As more cars join the zombie force, surviving as sane becomes more difficult and more entertaining for everyone involved.

Third mode called Transporter ask you to be well… a Transporter. Similar to capture-the-flag mode with multiple teams of two involved. Battle it out to capture a flag and bring it back to randomly designated areas on the map to score points. If the driver with the flag is hit by another team, they steal the flag and now it’s their turn to deliver the flag to the designated place.

This action oriented mode quite simple is stunning with last second steals and dramatic comebacks. Imagine being chased by a whole group of racers and your team mate getting all the beating just to make sure you safely deliver the flag to the point of victory. It’s more than just fun.

While diversification is good, the inclusion of any of these modes doesn’t mean the Dirt 3 will provide less of anything to the more hardcore fan base. Dirt 3 will retain all of its traditional rally racing modes with these mere additions to attract more casual fans.