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Gears of War 3 Multiplayer Beta is Addictive

Developers are trying hard to make the multiplayer of Gears of War 3 more engaging and balanced to deliver the good that its predecessors couldn’t. There are no drastic changes made and the basic gameplay has been conserved with small modifications. The maps seems to be scaled down a bit but overall, the Beta looks great, plunging and well polished.

Among the three multiplayer modes included in the game, the tweaked TDM is something to discuss. It’s not about taking max kills as each team has a limited number of spawns distributed among the players, One has to be tactical as survival for longer period will surely help the faction you are in.

Capture the leader can get boring if the leader of the opposition is not much of a hero type and has lesser skills than his teammates. King of the Hill is similar to the Headquarters mode in COD except for the fact, in Gears it’s a specific area rather than a computer to capture.

New executions are of course one of the highlighted modifications. Some of them are unlockable along with some weapons and skins. The players do have a lot to play for. As far as the reward system in the Beta is concerned, every basic trick will earn you medals which is something pleasing and satisfying and yes, there are also some characters waiting to be unlocked. So there is a list of unlockables that can keep players engaged for longer durations.

4 weapons of different nature have been featured in the beta. Good news for the Shotgun fans as this version is even lethal at short range than the old Gnasher. Some people may find it annoying (specially those who want to play it from cover to cover) but considering the fun factor, Sawed-off shotgun is a must try weapon.

Retro Lancer is similar to that of the old Lancer gun except that there is a bayonet instead of a Chainsaw. The Incendiary Grenades can burn the enemies down and yes, it feels satisfactory when your enemies are being burnt. Last but the not the least is the Oneshot, which actually is powerful enough to hit targets behind cover.

Multiplayer maps are polished for more intensified shootouts. They will keep players busy throughout the game as most of the time players will find themselves in the middle of the war. Spawn points are good in a way as the spawn anomalies are reduced. Top down plans of maps are also displayed at the loading screen so that you may devise your strategy and discover new tactical positions.

Traps in each map also increase the element of chaos in already ongoing absorbing battle. Sword of Damocles for example in Thrashball keeps on rattling throughout the map and finally falls to ground and some of the players can fell for it.

It seems like the devs delayed the game for the right purpose, It’s still the start and there is a long time till the game is released in September this year. A lot can be changed or modified till then but as things stand, Gear of War 3 may well surprise everyone.