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Twisted Metal Features Online and Co Op Multiplayer

It is always exciting when an old game makes a return on the modern day gaming platforms. Back then, gameplay used to be the key and when that addictive gameplay is combined with current age’s advanced technology, it can result into something quite amazing provided it’s the same old gameplay we can recall from our memories.

Same excitement and thrill is on for PlayStation’s oldest running franchise, Twisted Metal. The concept is pretty much the same but with some new additions (arenas, weapons and some gameplay elements). The franchise is sure to make a big impact after the game is released later this year.

If you haven’t been a great fan of the series then it won’t be strange if you find it difficult to understand the true nature of the game as it’s too diverse. For once you may call it a racing adventure while some other time you may find it a shooting thriller.

One big challenge the developers should face is the balance between vehicles and weapons which seems to be quite satisfactory considering the current progress in the development. New Vehicles like the Talon (helicopter)  and the Juggernaut will add more twists. The multiplayer of the game will be able to support 16 players online at a time while you can also enjoy the game in split screen upto 4 players. 

The game is still being polished and David Jaffe (the developer) is quite confident that the final version of the game will a much better game. We will have to wait and see when the game is released later this year.