Mortal Kombat 2011 Krypt Guide

Itching to know what you will be gunning for first in Mortal Kombat 2011 reboot Krypt? here is all the information you need that details what you can get as Mortal Kombat Krypt Rewards from in the Mortal Kombat reboot and from where you can get it.

Mortal Kombat 2011 Krypt Unlockables

These are the items you can buy in Krypt categorized by locations from where you can buy these. You need to visit Nekropolis to obtain a costume once you have purchased it from the Krypt. Among the Krypt Unlockables, you can get new fatalities for your favorite characters, new concept art, music and stages.

There are four areas in Krypt excluding Nekropolis where you can find these all these Krypt items. I have listed down everything in this format; item name(What you unlock), item location(Location code of the item), Item Price(How many koins you would need to buy that item from Nekropolis). The first one is free!

Area: DeadLands
Location Code: DL

Area: Bloodmarsh
Location Code: BM

Area: Meadow of Despair
Location Code: MD

Area: Hollow of Infestation
Location Code: HI


Contents Location Code Koins
 Headless Mode DL1  0
 Temple Music DL2  680
 Cage Fatality Sketch DL3  1100
 Dead Pool Concept DL4  900
 Jade’s Second Fatality DL5  1140
 Stryker Primary Costume Concept DL6  800
 Reptile Alternate Costume Concept DL7  1160
 The Pit (night) Concept DL8  900
 Wasteland Music DL9  1020
 Blocking Disabled DL10  1200
 Cyber Sub-Zero Concept DL11  900
 Jumping Disabled DL12  800
 Evil Monastery Concept DL13  1150
 Kitana Primary Costume Concept DL14  1000
 Johnny Cage Alternate Costume Concept DL15  1200
 Rooftop (dawn) Concept DL16  800
 No Blood DL17  1020
 Hell Speed Painting 2 DL18  960
 Sonya Fatality Sketch DL19  1100
 Scorpion Shadow Render DL20  900
 Ermac’s Second Fatality DL21  920
 Tormentor Model DL22  750
 Sektor Fatality Sketch DL23  1150
 Noob Primary Costume Concept DL24  880
 Dark Kombat DL25  1020
 Armory Music DL26  1100
 Sonya Primary Costume Concept DL27  1040
 Sheeva Alternate Costume Concept DL28  1200
 TaiGore Model DL29  750
 Kano Fatality Sketch DL30  1000
 Raiden Render DL31  880
 Hyper Fighting DL32  1060
 Armory Concept DL33  980
 Baraka Alternate Damage Concept DL34  900
 Scorpion Fatality Sketch DL35  1200
 Mileena Reveal Render DL36  1160
 Kabal’s Second Fatality DL37  1040
 Courtyard (night) Concept DL38  900
 Jax Primary Costume Concept DL39  1000
 Baraka Alternate Costume Concept DL40  1080
 Sindel Render DL41  880
 Flesh Pits Concept DL42  1140
 Health Recovery DL43  1100
 Scorpion Reveal Render DL44  800
 Dead Pool Victim Concepts DL45  1060
 Ermac Primary Costume Concept DL46  950
 Sektor Alternate Costume Concept DL47  1100
 Courtyard (night) Music DL48  980
 Courtyard Speed Painting 2 DL49  1020
 Kombos Disabled DL50  1020
 Scorpion Primary Costume Concept DL51  920
 Kano Primary Costume Concept DL52  1000
 Hell Fatality Sketch DL53  1100
 Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Concept DL54  860
 Dead Pool Speed Painting 1 DL55  1060
 Stryker Alternate Costume Concept DL56  800
 Desert Speed Painting 2 DL57  880
 Rooftop (dusk) Music DL58  1080
 Armory Speed Painting 2 DL59  1100
 Graveyard Speed Painting 1 DL60  820
 Desert Music DL61  900
 Sindel Primary Costume Concept DL62  1020
 Quan Chi Alternate Costume Concept DL63  1500
 Kabal Fatality Sketch DL64  1180
 Shao Kahn Render DL65  900
 Dead Pool Speed Painting 2 DL66  820
 The Pit (day) Concept DL67  940
 Koliseum Speed Painting 2 DL68  820
 Kitana Alternate Costume Concept DL69  1200
 Kabal Primary Costume Concept DL70  1000
 Graveyard Music DL71  740
 Desert Speed Painting 1 DL72  1140
 Disable Foreground Objects DL73  1160
 Sub DL74  1200
Zero Render
 Flesh Pits Speed Painting 1 DL75  800
 Kabal Fatality Sketch DL76  970
 Goro’s Lair Speed Painting 1 DL77  1100
 Jade Render DL78  1120
 Johnny Cage’s Second Fatality DL79  1300
 Retro Sub- Zero Render DL80  1200
 Flesh Pits Speed Painting 2 DL81  1120
 Sonya Alternate Damage Concept DL82  1000
 Power bars Disabled DL83  1080
 Shao Kahn Concept DL84  820
 Soul Chamber Music DL85  740
 Sheeva Primary Damage Concept DL86  1140
 Mileena Primary Costume Concept DL87  1180
 Kabal Alternate Costume Concept DL88  1200
 Noob Primary Damage Concept DL89  1060
 Courtyard (day) Concept DL90  1140
 Smoke Primary Costume Concept DL91  1060
 Jax’s Second Fatality DL92  1040
 Ermac Alternate Damage Concept DL93  900
 Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Music DL94  640
 Bell Tower Speed Painting 1 DL95  920
 Psycho Kombat DL96  740
 Bell Tower Speed panting 2 DL97  1100
 Hell Music DL98  980
 Raiden Alternate Damage Concept DL99  1040
 Raiden Primary Costume Concept DL100  1040
 Shang Tsung Alternate Costume Concept DL101  920
 Rooftop (dusk) Concept DL102  1020
 Kano Alternate Damage Concept DL103  1100
 Cerberus Model DL104  1000
 Unlimited Super Meter DL105  1100
 Sub-Zero Reveal Render DL106  1100
 Goro’s Lair Concept DL107  1020
 Shang Tsung’s Garden (night) Concept DL108  980
 Sindel Alternate Damage Concept DL109  840
 Nightwolf Alternate Costume Concept DL110  1060
 Courtyard Speed Painting 1 DL111  920
 Graveyard Speed Painting 2 DL112  840
 Dream Kombat DL113  1280
 Evil Monastery Music DL114  740
 Mileena Primary Damage Concept DL115  980
 Explosive combat DL116  1240
 Sheeva Alternate Damage Concept DL117  880
 Retro Scorpion Render DL118  1000
 Scorpion Alternate Costume Concept DL119  1500
 Cyrax’s Second Fatality DL120  1020
 Living Forest Speed Painting 1 DL121 1000

Secret 5,000 Koin Chest: Right of DL52, left of building

The Meadow of Despair

Contents Location Code Koins
 Rooftop (dusk) Speed Painting MD1  820
 Nightwolf’s Second Fatality MD2  1260
 Living Forest Trees Render MD3  1060
 Flesh Pits Music MD4  880
 Nekropolis Concept 6 MD5  840
 Cyrax Alternate Costume Concept MD6  1200
 Cyrax Primary Costume Concept MD7  1050
 Nekropolis Concept 3 MD8  920
 Armless Kombat MD9  1260
 Rooftop (dawn) Speed Painting 1 MD10  760
 Sektor’s Second Fatality MD11  1280
 Jax Alternate Damage Concept MD12  1000
 Meadow of Despair Concept 2 MD13  1060
 Raiden Alternate Costume Concept MD14  940
 Street Speed Painting 1 MD15  940
 Rooftop (dawn) Speed Painting 2 MD16  840
 Breakers Disabled MD17  900
 Pit Bottom Concept MD18  800
 Hallow of Infestation Concept 2 MD19  960
 Johnny Cage Primary Costume Concept MD20  1100
 Sheeva’s Second Fatality MD21  1300
 Desert Concept MD22  1080
 Kitana Alternate Damage Concept MD23  1180
 Jade Alternate Damage Concept MD24  1120
 Kano Alternate Costume Concept MD25  1200
 Rooftop (day) Speed Painting MD26  940
 Retro Reptile Render MD27  800
 Throwing Disabled MD28  1010
 Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Concept B MD29  840
 Shang Tsung’s Garden Speed Painting 1 MD30  1100
 Kung Lao’s Second Fatality MD31  960
 Kitana Primary Damage Concept MD32  1040
 Subway Music MD33  1000
 Kano Primary Damage Concept MD34  920
 Baraka Primary Damage Concept MD35  880
 Jax Alternate Costume Concept MD36  1200
 Goro Render MD37  1000
 Early Krypt entrance Concept MD38  1060
 Invisible Kombat MD39  1200
 Jax Render MD40  900
 Blood Marsh Concept 2 MD41  820
 Reptile’s Second Fatality MD42  1280
 Hell Concept MD43  840
 Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Speed Painting 2 MD44  1000
 Vampire Kombat MD45  1280
 Scorpion Primary Damage Concept MD46  1120
 Double Dash MD47  1200
 Kitana Render MD48  940
 Skeletal statues Render MD49  1100
 Sub Zero Shadow Render MD50  1040
 Sub Zero’s Second Fatality MD51  1140
 The Pit (night) Music MD52  920
 Ermac Render MD53  1100
 Sub-Zero Alternate Costume Concept MD54  1000
 Scorpion Render MD55 880

Secret 5,000 Koin Chest: Right of Nekropolis entrance

Hollow of Infestation

 Contents Location Code  Koins
 Koliseum Concept HI1  980
 Kung Lao Primary Costume Concept HI2  1000
 Koliseum Speed Painting 1 HI3  1080
 Baraka’s Second Fatality HI4  920
 Living Forest Concept HI5  760
 Street Music HI6  940
 Shao Kahn Damage Concept HI7  880
 Liu Kang Alternate Costume Concept HI8  980
 Cyrax Alternate Damage Concept HI9  1100
 Rooftop (day) Concept HI10  900
 Graveyard Concept HI11  1120
 Shang Tsung’s Second Fatality HI12  1080
 Shang Tsung Alternate Damage Damage Concept HI13  820
 Armory Speed Painting 1 HI14  780
 Enhanced Moves Disabled HI15  1140
 Soul Chamber Concept HI16  780
 Jade Primary Costume Concept HI17  1000
 Kano’s Second Fatality HI18  1100
 Goro’s Lair Speed Painting 2 HI19  960
 Sheeva Primary Costume Concept HI20  920
 Subway Speed Painting 2 HI21  750
 Sonya Alternate Costume Concept HI22  800
 Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Speed Painting 2 HI23  1060
 X-Rays Disabled HI24  1050
 Executioner Concepts HI25  960
 Bell Tower Music HI26  1020
 Shang Tsung’s Garden (day) Concept HI27  820
 Liu Kang’s Second Fatality HI28  1180
 Bell Tower Concept HI29  860
 Quan Chi Fatality Sketch HI30  1020
 Reptile Alternate Damage Concept HI31  1180
 Sektor Primary Damage Concept HI32  1140
 Mileena Alternate Costume Concept HI33  1140
 Shang Tsung Primary Costume Concept HI34  1120
 Courtyard (day) Music HI35  940
 Johnny Cage Primary Damage Concept HI36  840
 Quick Uppercut Recovery HI37  1200
 Goro’s Lair Music HI38  940
 Quan Chi’s Second Fatality HI39  1340
 Sindel Primary Damage Concept HI40 880

Secret 5,000 Koin Chest: Located along wall


 Contents Location Code  Koins
 Living Forest Speed Painting 2 BM1  1080
 Mileena’s Second Fatality BM2  920
 Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Concept a BM3  800
 Evil Monastery Speed Painting 2 BM4  750
 Noob Alternate Costume Concept BM5  1040
 Sonya Render BM6  980
 Noob Alternate Damage Concept BM7  900
 Noob’s Second Fatality BM8  1100
 Dragon Concept BM9  880
 Retro Ermac Render BM10  1120
 Rainbow Kombat BM11  1100
 Kung Lao Alternate Damage Concept BM12  940
 Sektor Primary Costume Concept BM13  1040
 Raiden’s Second Fatality BM14  1220
 Shang Tsung Primary Damage Concept BM15  900
 Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Music BM16  940
 Temple Speed Painting 2 BM17  750
 Jax Primary Damage Concept BM18  960
 Sindel Alternate Costume Concept BM19  1200
 Dead Pool Music BM20  1020
 Sub-Zero Primary Costume Concept BM21  1200
 Rooftop (dusk) Speed Painting BM22  920
 Kitana’s Second Fatality BM23  980
 Street Concept BM24  1000
 Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Speed Painting 1 BM25  1080
 Smoke’s Second Fatality BM26  900
 Nightwolf Primary Costume Concept BM27  960
 Soul Chamber Speed Painting 1 BM28  900
 Ermac Primary Damage Concept BM29  950
 Sans Power BM30  990
 Liu Kang Primary Costume Concept BM31  860
 Sonya Primary Damage Concept BM32  950
 Shang Tsung’s Garden Speed Painting 2 BM33  920
 Liu Kang Alternate Damage Concept BM34  900
 Sonya’s Second Fatality BM35  1300
 Soul Chamber Speed Painting 2 BM36  960
 Mileena Shadow Render BM37  1100
 Kung Lao Alternate Costume Concept BM38  1200
 Street Speed Painting 2 BM39  1000
 Nekropolis Concept 2 BM40  920
 Silent Kombat BM41  1140
 Living Forest Music BM42  860
 Parasite Victims Render BM43  940
 Sindel’s Second Fatality BM44  1300
 Liu Kang Render BM45  1000
 Deadlands Concept 2 BM46  940
 Specials Disabled BM47  1200
 Liu Kang Primary Damage Concept BM48  1140
 Meadow of Despair Concept 1 BM49  940
 Jade Alternate Costume Concept BM50  1000
 Temple Speed Painting 1 BM51  1150
 Jade Primary Damage Concept BM52  860
 Evil Monastery Speed Painting 1 BM53  1150
 Super Recovery BM54  990
 Nightwolf Alternate Damage Concept BM55  880
 Wasteland Speed Painting 2 BM56  850
 Stryker’s Second Fatality BM57  900
 Baraka Primary Costume Concept BM58  920
 Nekropolis Concept 1 BM59  900
 Throwing Encouraged BM60  1190
 Temple Concept BM61  1150
 Shang Tsung’s Garden (night) Music BM62  820
 Cyber Sub-Zero’s Second Fatality BM63  1450
 Tournament Mode BM64  1010
 Subway Speed Painting 1 BM65  750
 Reptile Fatality Sketch BM66  1150
 Goro Damage Concept BM67  1000
 Ermac Alternate Costume Concept BM68  1200
 Wasteland Concept BM69  1020
 Meadow of Despair Concept 3 BM70  940
 Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Speed Painting 1 BM71  1120
 Scorpion’s Second Fatality BM72  920
 Hallow of infestation Concept 1 BM73  960
 Scorpion Fatality Sketch BM74  1080
 Cyrax Render BM75  960
Reptile Primary Damage Concept BM76  860
Zombie Kombat BM77  1300
Subway Concept BM78  1150
Rooftop (day) Speed Painting BM79  920
Koliseum Music BM80  840
Reptile Primary Costume Concept BM81  980
Smoke Alternate Costume Concept BM82  960
Mileena Alternate Damage Concept BM83 820

Secret 5,000 Koin Chest: Located along wall

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