Dragon Quest VI Realms of Revelation Boss Strategy Guide

This boss strategy guide for Dragon Quest VI Realms of Revelation is your key to defeat most of the in-game bosses. The format of this guide would be plain and simple: the name of the boss, where you would encounter this boss, and how to defeat this boss. I would try to be as simple as possible and you can openly point out my shortcomings in comments.

Dragon Quest VI Boss Strategy

Below we have listed all the bosses you will encounter in Realms of Revelation and how best to approach each encounter.


Location: Gardsbane Tower

Cast Sap magic if it’s available. This boss mainly has 3 attacks, so avoid leg sweep to knock you off, series of slash attacks which doesn’t inflict much damage and a standard attack. You should make sure your health never drops from 15 or the Garrett attacks can easily finish you off.You can keep your health above the critical point by healing it with herbs and magic. Survive the battle long enough and victory will be yours.


Location: Lucid Grotto
The Bloodcreeper is a strong boss to fight with. It has a huge life meter so don’t forget to heal your party members when required. Milly can help with the buff-related spell-castings where as your hero can attack or heal and Carver uses his powerfull skills to deal some real damage to the boss. Bloodcreeper will rely mostly on weak attacks and won’t inflict great deal of damage if you heal occasionally. The fight can end quickly in this manner.


Location: Amor’s Northern Cave
You can start this battle with Sap magic to weaken enemy defenses. You can let your heroes take less damage with Milly using the Buff magic. Use the offensive magic and melee attack techniques as the powerful Crack spell.

The Grrrgoyle can distract your party with the Fuddle Dance Attack and can cause them to attack one another so make sure that your team is left with enough health to sustain the damage. Just survive the battle and hit hard whenever possible and soon you will win the battle.


Location:Moonmirror Tower
The aim of this battle is to defeat three enemies known as the Corpsickles. The large life meters of the Corpsickles can make the battle go for a while. The enemy lake offensive abilities, the best it can do is by sending some venomous clouds that will produce the Envenom effect on your team members.

Milly can counteract the cloud by casting the Squelch magic. Use the Sap magic to reduce the enemy defenses and if you are equipped with the Edged Boomerang. You can deal inflict damage to these monsters and end the fight more easily.


The most frightening enemy uptil now is the Murdaw. Milly should be useful through out most of the fight so cast the Buff magic on your healer. Cast the Sap magic by Ashlynn and your hero and the enemy defenses will tremble.

Carver can cause massive damage to the enemy by the Double Up attacks. Continue the above method several times to prevent the Murdaw from restoring his defense ability.The Murdaw has plenty of HP to make the fight go on for long so be careful and victory will be yours.


Location: Murdaw’s Keep
In this fight Murdaw is accompanied by two Prickly Prankster enemies. Allow Milly to cast the Kabuff magic rather then the Sap magic to boost the defense so that you are less effected by enemy attacks.

Battle by your hero and Carver to finish one enemy at a time. Weaker enemies can go down in a round or two if carver uses the Knuckle Sandwich ability. Just use Milly to heal when required and let Carver hammer Murdaw throughout the battle and soon he will be defeated.

You will be dragged again into the battle once Murdaw is defeated. Things won’t go smoothly this time around as Murdaw can now damage twice per round and in half the time. One of his attacks will damage all your party members at once.

Carver should use the offensive abilities and you need to spend more time in healing. Nevan should use the Staff of Ghent in each round. Milly must keep Nevan and Carver in good shape by using the Mid-Heal magic. Use the magic once in the start of the battle and when its safe to do so. In the end Murdaw will fall.

The Scrimsley Terror

Location: Scrimsley
The physical attacks of the Scrimsley Terror will harm only one of your party members at once. The stomping attack of the boss is deadly and can drain half of the life meter away from all of your party members if it’s successful. To minimize the damage caused by the Standard attacks of the boss, use Milly’s Kabuff magic.

Carver and your hero should attack with standard physical attacks and Nevan should use the Staff of Ghent for healing purpose.Try to be patient and you can win the fight with ease.The Scrimsley has a lot of life but you won’t have any difficulty wearing it down.


Location: Arkbolt
The weakness of Bronson is Sap magic. First start the battle by using it and let Milly use Kabuff for a few rounds. Bronson doesn’t have any move that will let more then one party member at a time in danger. Speed up the fight with spells like Frizzle and Crack otherwise the battle will drag for a while because your physical attacks have a chance of missing your foe.

Brick and Brock

Location: Arkbolt
They are a twin menace in which Brick uses magic to lower everyone’s defense and Brock keeps him in healthy shape by healing. From the beginning take out Brock so that he won’t be able to heal his partner. You should cast the Kabuff magic to keep your members in good shape. Milly casting Kabuff will cancel the magic attacks by Brick and the battle can be won easily.


Location: Arkbolt
The battle with Brutus will feel familiar so use Kabuff magic throughout the battle. Let the physical attacks inflict as much damage as they can and Neval healing with the Staff of Ghent in each round. If Brutus deals much damage to your members and the health bars drops, then heal your members first and carry on with the fight.


Location: Aridea
This battle is challenging so let your team stand the physical attacks by using the Kabuff magic. You will deal with the weak attacks that Jamirus uses at your party members. Jamirus will occasionally hit someone with severe damage attacks, so you should keep your team’s health as high as possible. Nevan’s job is to heal with the Staff of Ghent.

Milly must cast the Kabuff magic and your hero should alter between healing and attacking according to the situation. Carver should use his most powerful attacks.You should be able to take down Jamirus and defeat him.

First Test

Location: Hallowed Hollow
The First Test is a weak enemy that won’t be a threat until it uses the Fuddle dance ability and confuse most of the party members. Use your party members full potential of the physical attacks to hit with full force and use healing and stat-boosting skills on your crew. Kabuff magic can reduce the risk. The First Test don’t have a large life meter.

Second Test

Location: Hallowed Hollow
This mini boss is easy to defeat. One of your party members should focus on healing while the others should inflict some damage with the physical attacks while another should cast the Kabuff magic at the start of each round. You can keep your team at full health as the enemy only focuses one party member at a time. The defensive magic can keep everyone from taken out by the physical attacks of the enemy.

Third Test

Location: Hallowed Hollow
It is the most powerful enemy then the previous brethren. Use Kabuff magic regularly and heal often too. The Third Test has the ability to damage multiple party members at once. You need to be cautious in the battle and you need to make it sure that your physical warriors are doing much damage each round. The fight shouldn’t continue any longer then your enemy’s huge life meter.


Location: The Spiegelspire
Spiegel will cast his Bound magic so your magic attacks won’t do any good. Use Kabuff magic to develop strong defense against future attacks. Physical attackers should not stop until the battle is won. As you deal some damage to Spiegel, he will call some friends for help.

Defeating the monsters won’t do any good as he will summon some more. Focus on hitting the wizard himself while healing
as it is necessary to stick around. You will win the battle in the end after staying alive for a while.


Location: Seabed Shrine
Even with the lengthy life bar, the Gracos is not a hard boss to fight with. Use Kabuff magic and other spells to strengthen everyone’s offense. Keep up the health bars as high as you can and hit him hard. Gracos will attack one party member at a time. He will deal damage to the party members at once occasionally.

The Chilly breath of Gracos will cause ice based damage to everyone in your team. Be ready to heal furiously as you don’t have any reasonable defense against it. The battle of endurance will eventually end up with your party members on the top.

Stormsgate Citadel

Location: Stormsgate Citadel
Now the battle is with a building which will hit your entire party for heavy damage every two or three rounds. It sticks to the previous old fashioned way of physical attacks that hit only one member at a time. Start the first with Kabuff so that everyone fares better against the physical attacks.

Use Sap magic to break enemy defense or focus on using the most powerful physical attacks. The healing party should keep the health in decent shape. This is not a good battle to fight with your party members having low maximum HP.


Location: Stormsgate Citadel

Terry is beatable but powerful opponent in the game. To win from him, cast the Kabuff magic and let your healers keep up the health to the max and the physical attackers should hit hard with the best they have got.

You can deal an average of 220 damage if you have two powerful characters using the Falcon Slash each round. The battle will be simple if you keep your member’s health on the safe side as Terry
uses attacks that damage everyone’s health at once.


Location: Stormsgate Citadel
This fight will go in the same manner as the one with Terry with some minor changes. Dhuran has the capability to use abilities that will remove any buffs that you might add to your party members. So don’t waste the time with spells that will be immediately be wiped off.

Spend your magic on healing your warriors and continue to use powerful attacks like the Falcon Slash. Dhuran will alter between dangerous and simple rounds so keep up the health as high as you can. In the end your foe is not all that dangerous.

Gallows Giant

Location: Gallows Moor
Gallows Gaint is a weak opponent but rarely it can even take out half life of even your strongest fighters. The Giant use attacks that spread out across your party members. You can buff your character and try to do more damage in each round but the Gaint likes to use the mist which neutralizes all magic that includes healing magic.

So you have only the Staff of Ghent to take care of healing. Use the Hatchet Man which can drain out the giant’s life more quickly if two characters use it each round.


Location: Gallows Moor
The fight with Blackmar will be the most difficult battle that you fought so far. You need to take care of few things if you need to be victorious. Use Kabuff to improve the defense against the physical attacks. Blackmar is good at using the Kasap spell which will undo your efforts so use Kabuff magic periodically throughout the battle.

The problem with Blackmar is that he call goons to help him which in turn call the healers, so your main focus is to take out the summoned pals in a round or two and then return the focus to Blackmar. The fight is winnable if you keep the fight to yourself and Blackmar steadily chip away at his health reserves.

Belleau and Cabot

Location: The Prison of Sorrow
Belleau and Cabot are powerful enemies. Belleau has less health but can deal great damage so your best step is to start focusing on your attacks on him and keep Cabot in ignorance. Use Kabuff magic to keep up everyone’s defenses and heal more frequently to avoid devastating enemy attacks.

The Oomph magic will help the physical attackers to hit harder. Wind Sickles works well against the Cabot. You will go just fine if you keep the health in decent shape and focus on taking one enemy at a time.


Location: Mortamor’s Dreadlair
The first round with Mortamor will be easy to win as his attacks won’t be as powerful. You start the battle as any other battle with Kabuff and use Oomph magic to boost the damage by physical attacks. Martamor can deal some serious damage to your party members with the fire attacks so Insulatie is a good idea.

Don’t let the fight last longer so that it doesn’t drain much of your resources. When you deal enough damage and Mortamor appears to die that is when he returns to his real form. Mortamor is capable of casting the Oomph magic on himself so its a dangerous round to play.

He will follow up with powerful Roundhouse Kick attacks that can hit all of the party members and might kill them instantly.The trick here is to rely on Hatch Man attacks to deal as much damage each round as possible and keep you one step ahead towards victory.

Survive through the second round of the battle quickly as this round is made difficult with Mortamor’s large health meter. The battle will move into the third phase. Your foe has three separate parts: his left and right hand and the head. You need to destroy the parts in order.

The left hand can use Kazing magic and the right hand can use Kazing so hopefully you can bring them down to low HP and then take them out within a round or two, leaving the head. So make sure that you have every possible buff in play because the body parts are capable
of inflicting tremendous damage.


Location: Post-Game Adventures
Your chances of winning from Nokturnus are less if you haven’t done a lot of leveling up in the dungeon that precedes him. That’s not the only problem. You need to defeat him within 20 rounds. So if you leveled high enough then surviving through the battle and dealing some damage won’t be a problem but keeping everyone alive will be the hard part.

Start the battle by buffing up your characters so that they can defend against physical attacks. Nokturnus has numerous moves that he can use against your party members and he won’t hesitate to use them. Often he attacks twice per round. He will strip any buffs that you have in place in order to reduce the damage by him.

You need to hit him with the strongest physical attacks and deal as much as 800 points in damage in most of the rounds. Smartly use the spells and don’t try to leave all of your strongest healers in your primary group at once.

You must leave some alive with Zing or Kazing magic so if Nokturnus knocks out your main characters at once, then the relief fighters must have a chance of bringing them back. Defeat Nokturnus within the time and you will end the game with a new ending.

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