Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy Gear, AP, KP Guide

Now that you have leveled up your character to maximum level by going through Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy Leveling Guide (Do it, if you haven’t), you will need good gear, AP, KP and other items to fight higher level fights. Again, you want a way to do it fast Right ? this guide will tell you just that.

Level 1 infinite Assist/Smiting Soul build – Lai Strike Build

  • Level Gap 90
  • Level 1-9
  • Hatless
  • Armorless
  • Gloveless
  • Weaponless
  • Near Loss
  • Safety Bit
  • Smithing Soul
  • Side by Side

These are the EXP+ you will get when you attack:

  • You break your foes brave with every attack.
  • You gain 1 assist bar charge with every HP attack landed.
  • You will always survive a HP attack if you have more than 1 HP
  • Every HP attack you land will heal you (You no longer have 1 HP)
  • You can also use your Assist to block any attack that would kill you If you do have 1 HP.

Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy Level 100 Gear/Equipment Set

Following the instructions below will get you Lufenian equipment set, your prize from Blackjack course in the first Dissidia game.

Step 1
You need to unlock Scenario 000. You can either buy it from the PP shop for 2000 PP after clearing the 012 storyline, or clear the 013 storyline to get it for free.

Step 2
Beat the Moogle dungeon in 000. It has a bonus level of only 70-80, so a team of level 100 characters with lesser level gear should be able to clear it. If you have level 100 characters, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Where to Find Moogle Dungeon?
The Moogle ‘Chasm of the Rotting Earth’ dungeons are located on the bottom left of the map, accessed by the Melmond teleport stone.

Step 3
Now you need to defeat the first Feral Chaos boss fight in Southern Lufenian Gateway. Yuna and Cloud of Darkness can come in quite handy here. If you use each character of your party, you will need to do about 13 damage with each to beat the first Feral boss.

Note. The fight revolves around HP attacks but after 60s he gets 90x multiplier on a +5% damage accessory, which makes him auto-break you regardless of equipment if he lands any attack.

Step 4
Once you have defeated the first Feral Chaos boss, use the teleport stones to take you to the Citadel of Trials. The dungeon here has some red treasure chests that contain enemies. Take the ones along the edge of the stage, and you’ll fight level 80 manikins.

Defeat them each to get one random piece of Lufenian gear. Make sure you do not open the red treasure chest in the center of the map since it will unleash a level 127 Sephiroth manikin.

Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy AP Grinding

These are the equipments and accessories you should have:

  • Diamond set equips = +100% AP


  • Beckoning Cat = +100% AP
  • Diamond Ring = +400% AP, Break-ability 100%
  • Diamond Necklace = +200% AP, Break-ability 100%
  • Diamond Earring = +100% AP, Break-ability 100%

Now this gives you a total of +900% AP = x10

If you are wondering how to get these accessories, equipments and grind some extra AP.

  • Diamond Ring: Chest in story mode
  • Diamond Necklace: Reward of Arcade, Standard Mode (5x battles one) – Normal difficulty
  • Diamond Earring: Reward of Arcade, Quick Mode (3x battles one)
  • Hero’s Spirit x2 + Hero’s Essence for more CP to equip more skills.
  • Set your PSP to your Special day or any day with the +AP bonus, with the max AP+3 bonus.

Scenario 000
Confessions of the Creator and enter the Second dungeon. The dungeon you need to enter is called Gateway of Good and Evil Once inside.

Right below (south) your starting grid is a Accessory Protection crest with 2 enemy pieces next to it. Fighting on this crest will not break any accessory. Therefore, kill the 2 enemies, save and exit, re-enter, and repeat.

Note. Each battle should give you 40/50/60/70 AP depends on what AP chance you get.

Dissidia Duodecim 012 Final Fantasy KP Grinding

Step 1
You need to complete 012 storyline so that you can play Scenario 000: Confessions of the Creator.

Step 2
Get 5x Map skill KP Bonus. You can find in various chests located throughout the world map. You can also buy it from Cornelia Moogle on either of the two days following your Bonus day.

You can to change your PSP’s clock between these two days and buy five map skills since he only sells one a day. Remember, you will need to complete 013 storyline or obtain at least 1500 KP to get the skill to appear.

Step 3
Create a custom rules set as following:

  • EX force absorption set to max
  • Wall Rush damage set to max
  • Keep everything else as is since they are not important.

Step 4
Equip your character with following accessories:

  • Force to Courage accessory (You will get it from Accomplishment 069: Bonus Round, successfully complete AP chance 100 times)
  • Pearl Necklace

Now that you have equip your character with following accessories, even small amount of EX force will fix your EX gauge. Force to Courage makes even Small amount of EX force to instantly max your bravery to 9999.

Now how you will win ? easy. Do single quick attack that cause chases. Go into chase, and use an HP attack. Your bravery should max out instantly unless computer refuses to dodge all. You should follow following strategy.
Attack > Chase > HP > Win

If the computer dodges your HP attack, reset and try again until it doesn’t.

Step 5
Higher level dungeons will award your more KP, double or triple the amount of KP you would have normally earned. Some later dungeons have Moogle statues so try these. You can also try late in the game, “The Dragon King’s Gateway” which has both a silver and gold Moogle Statue. The dungeon has 10 floors, and the KP chance is win in under 60 seconds.

Starting KP 99, x32, x2, x3 = 19008 KP minimum even if you fail every KP chance. If you complete every single KP chance, you get around 28000+ KP.

The dungeon at the north eastern island “The Forsaken Lands”, has 2 silver Moogle statues and 1 gold statue. Because the KP chance is to break in 60 seconds. You could get around 53000+ AP if completed all KP chances.

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