Sanctum Errors, Crashes, Freezes and Fixes

Sanctum is fun but only few annoying bugs can spoil that. If you don’t want to be on the receiving end of frustration while playing Sanctum (PC), follow the instructions in our Sanctum Troubleshooting Guide to resolve every issue you may come across.

1# Sanctum LAN Error – Can’t Host
Lan only does not work. Don’t check the button, it will get removed in the next patch as per the statement of the developer.

2# Sanctum Multiplayer Connection Issues
If you want to play online/host the game, you will need to forward these ports since the game as NAT-Traversal issues.
TCP: 7777, 27000-27039
UDP: 1200, 7777, 27000-27039

3# Sanctum Multiplayer Join by Friend Not Working
The integration between the Engine and Steam is not complete. This can make Steam propagate the wrong IP, which sometimes makes “Join by Friend” not work properly. Next patch will address this issue.

4# Sanctum (PC) Can’t Bind Keys – Default Key Notifications
If you are still receiving default key notifications while you already have customized your control keys in Sanctum, delete these files to reset the keys to default. Developers are aware of this bug and will resolve it in the next patch.

%My Documents%\My Games\Sanctum\SanctumGame\Config\SanctumSanctumPlayerInput.ini

5# Sanctum Alt-Tab Graphics Bugs
When you ALT-TAB back in the game, you may experience buggy graphics. Again, something the developers are working to fix as soon as possible. Temporarily, press TAB to go into overview mode, and then tab-out of overview mode to resolve it.

6# Sanctum ATI Crossfire Performance Issues
If you are experiencing low performance on high-end rig with ATI Crossfire, enable the AI and see if that resolve the issues.

7# Sanctum (PC) Performance Tweaks
You can edit the ‘sanctumengine.ini’ file located at Documents/my games/sanctum/sanctumgame/config and edit the line “bSmoothFrameRate=TRUE” to “bSmoothFrameRate=false”.
This command is repeated twice in the same config file so make sure you change it in both of these sections.

If you still not content with the performance or FPS boost it gives you. Try, variables as following:


It will again gives you much needed FPS boost.

7# Sanctum (PC) Mouse Spinning Error
Un-plug the controller.

8# Sanctum (PC) Crash at Splash Screen
Open the ‘SanctumEngine.ini’ file located in “Documents\My Games\Sanctum\SanctumGame\Config” and edit the line:


If you face any other issues, let me know, and I will try to help you out.