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F.E.A.R. 3 Multiplayer Preview

Fear 3
Alma is back to scare the shit out of you. Singleplayer campaign has its own taste as you will be teaming up with a ghost character which once used to be a soldier (F.E.A.R’s protagonist).

In F.E.A.R 3, it seems developers have really put their heads together to provide an entertaining multiplayer experience to the long running franchise followers. It features some interesting modes with somewhat unique concepts.

It’s more or less like a zombie mode in which players will have to confront waves of enemies in succession. The intensity of the enemy attacks will increase with the passage of time. During the gaps between successive wave attacks, players can buy weapons through the treasure that can be collected from the chests found at different places in the map.

Don’t know about you but I found the name funny as the mode is named on Alma’s contractions producing the waves of enemies. (Yes, she is pregnant) Seems like she is a machine producing baby minions. I hope I don’t get a nightmare now. Anyway, during the attacks, she will also appear at various times. She won’t cause any serious damage except for some effects that either can slow you down, blur the vision or transport you to other part of the map.

Fucking Run!
Yes, you read it right. It’s all about run and gun. Enemies will attack you and if that’s not enough, Alma’s Wall of Death will haunt you till the end. Here teamwork is important since even a single player caught in the Alma’s poisonous fog ends the game.

If you are taking it is easy thinking you can escape both Alma and other enemies by mere sprinting through the map then you are mistaken. Players will have to stay sharp while they run for their lives. One thing that might help in this run and gun scenario is that players will be able to reload their guns while they are running.

Soul Survivor
This mode is similar to the zombie mode of Call of Duty 4 where one of the 4 players will randomly be infected by Alma. Rest of the players will have to work together to survive from the infected and the waves of Armacham soldiers. The infected player on the other hand will need to convert other players in a limited time.

To transform other humans, the infected player will have to infect them while they are down. Once infected, they will join the ghost party and the battle will continue till all of them are converted or the time runs out.

Soul King
The primary goal in this mode is to collect the maximum number of souls. All players will start as Specter (a ghost who can possess humans) and Enemy soldiers will attack you from all ends. You will kill them and collect their souls and player in possession of maximum number of souls at the end will be the winner. Half of the souls will be lost if a player dies during the battle.

The mode may appear fun at the start but get’s boring as soon as you can’t do anything special except for pulling some humans and capture their souls.

Update 1. Now that the game has been released, you can check the Fear 3 troubleshooting guide in case you are experiencing any issue running the game.