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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters Pins Guide

There are total of 44 pins you need to unlock in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters to earn Pin Collector achievement. While some of the pins are quite easy to get, other can make your life difficult. Find out the best ways you can get these pins to earn Pin Collector achievement.

1# Drive Bomber
Drive Bomber unlocks when you swing the ball 350+ yards from the tee, and get it land on fairway, green, fringe or in cup.

When you progress in game, you will get better drivers with more power. When you can hit around 120% power, you should be able to hit the ball 350+ yards. Do a Par 5 because it will give you enough fairway to hit the ball 350+ yards.

2# First Birdie
Get the first Birdie of your career.

3# First Eagle
Get the first Eagle of your career.

4# First Ace
Get the first Ace of your career.

5# Flagstick Seeker
Hit the flagstick for the first time.
Your best chance to hit the flag stick is to be outside the green. Anything inside green and flagstick will disappear before the balls gets to it. Aim for the cup and hope!

6# 25 Birdies
Get 25 career Birdies.

7# 50 Birdies
Get 50 career Birdies.

8# 100 Birdies
Get 100 career Birdies.

9# 250 Birdies
Get 250 career Birdies.
Birdies are easy, it may take some time to do 250 but they will come eventually. To get the birdie you will have to hit the ball into the hole, one below par.

10# 10 Eagles
Get 10 career Eagles.

11# 25 Eagles
Get 25 career Eagles.

12# 50 Eagles
Get 50 career Eagles.

13# 100 Eagles
Get 100 career Eagles.
Best place to get eagles are Par 5. To get the eagle you have to hit the ball into the hole, 2 below par.

14# 10 Aces
Get 10 career Aces.

15# 25 Aces
Get 25 career Aces.
Hard to get but will eventually come. Play Augusta’s Par 3 because it’s all Par 3’s. Ace is a hole in one. Ball must land in the hole in one shot off the tea. Can be pure luck! or a good conviction.

16# 6 Birdie Streak
Get 6 Birdies in a row.

17# 12 Birdie Streak
Get 12 Birdies in a row.

18# 18 Birdie Streak
Get 18 Birdies in a row.
When you have understand the game and have become good to the point that getting birdie has become more of a norm. Pick a course you feel comfortable with and get birdies every hole.

19# Back to Back Eagles
Get 2 Eagles in a row.
Eagle’s are hard, let alone 2 in a row. Choose all Par 5’s, it’s your best shot for Pin.

20# Eagle Extravaganza
Get 4 Eagles in a round.
Not easy, All Par 5’s should do, but still you will need lots of luck.

21# Eagle Hunt
Eagle every par 5 on 12 courses.
There are a total 15 courses that come with the game that you can eagle on. Choose your favorite 12 and play all Par 5’s and try your best to Eagle.

22# Hazard Free Round
No water, bunker, out of bounds or any other hazard for an entire round.

23# No Focus
Use no focus during a round.

24# Hole Out From Bunker
Hole out from any bunker on the course
Hit the ball out of the sand straight into the hole.

25# Up and Down From Bunker
Hit out of the Bunker onto the green and sink the putt.
When you are in a sand bunker you will need to hit the ball out of the sand and then land the ball on the green. After that sink the ball into the hole.

26# Presidents Cup
Start The Presidents Cup
You will get this pin by simple starting the Presidents Cup.

27# Caddie Book of Gold
Master 16 Courses

28# Prototype
Unlock the Prototype Clubs

29# Online Competitor
Play 10 Online Games

30# Online Champ
Win 10 Online Games

31# First Win
First Career win.

32# Event Champion
Win 1 PGA TOUR Event.

33# Five Time Champion
Win 5 PGA Tour Events.

34# Ten Times A Champ
Win 10 PGA Tour Events.

35# Back 2 Back Champion
Win 2 PGA TOUR Events in a Row.

36# Q-School
Complete Q-School.

37# Nationwide Tour
Win a Nationwide Tour Event.

38# US Open Championship
Win the US Open Championship.

39# UK Open
Win the UK Open.

40# EA Sports Championship
Win the EA SPORTS Championship.

41# Masters Master
Win the Masters Tournament.

42# Delivery Boy
Win the FedExCup.

43# I’m #1
Reach #1 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.

44# Masters Moments
Master all 9 Moments.