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Super Monkey Ball 3D Banana Locations Guide

There is one banana in every world of Super Monkey Ball 3D, and getting one banana earns you 1,000 points. If you find all these bananas in Super Monkey Ball 3D, go through these locations.

Super Monkey Ball 3D Banana Locations Guide

Jungle Banana (1-8)
Rice Terrace / Second ‘Section’, on the left.

Arabian Banana (2-4)
Large Square / Right after the second semi-circle wall.

Sticky Banana (3-7)
Knife & Fork / Take a left when you reach the second ‘hump’.

Haunted Banana (4-2)
Lonly Drain / Hug the left wall towards the end.

Red-Hot Banana (5-10)
Great Wall / When you reach the upper stretch, fall-off to the right to get the banana.

Holy Banana (6-4)
Breakthrough / Get speed off the half-pipe to jump on-to the middle line.

Space Banana (7-3)
Super Slider / Speed off the edge at the 2nd last turn.

Giga Banana (8-4)
Body-to-Body / After reaching the overpass, drop to the right.