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Steam For Playstation 3 Portal 2 Features

After months of speculation about how Steam will work on Playstation 3, Valverevealed information today, which covers cross-platform functionality and features of Steam on Playstation 3.

Steam overlay on Playstation 3 will let players access Steam from within console just by pressing the SELECT button. Steam will offer Portal 2 players “cross-platform matchmaking, gameplay, friends, chat, and achievements.”

Using the Steam Cloud feature, you can access the online saves of both co-op and single-player games from within your console. You will also be able to access their PS3 Portal 2 game saves from a PC or Mac by downloading the free Steam edition of the game via a one-time use code.

Once you have linked your Playstation 3 ID and Steam Account, you will earn Steam Achievements in Portal 3 in lockstep. Portal 2 is releasing next week, unless Valve potato joke is true and the game is released this Friday.