Shift 2: Unleashed Career – Unlock Everything Guide

You can unlock everything in Shift 2: Unleashed PC version of the game by editing the ‘reputation_unlockables.xml’ and ‘unlockableitems.xml’ files. These files can unlock all the events, paints, and cars at 2, 5, 10, 15, or 20 level in your career. You will have to choose the file corresponding to your level to unlock everything in Shift 2.

Of course you can buy all these cars, since they are there from the start. You only need about $50 million to buy all cars from the car lot including the bonus and limited edition cars.

All events and paints are also unlocked, but the limited edition events cannot be accessed at the moment for non-limited edition owners. You can also get the limited edition and bonus cars using these files.

You can download these files below, make sure you choose the file for the career level you have right now or it won’t work.

Note. You can also buy the bonus cars using these edited files from the car lot.