LEGO Star Wars 3 Gold Bricks Guide

You can collect a total of 130 special bricks in LEGO Star Wars 3 by completing tasks along with completing each story mode level in the game. Our Lego Star Wars 3 Gold Bricks guide will help you track down and collect all these special gold bricks.

LEGO Star Wars 3 Gold Bricks

All of these gold bricks are rewarded for completing specific tasks in the game which means that unlike the other LEGO games you do not need to go finding them, once you have the 130 bricks, you can simply go ahead and unlock the final ship of the game.

Before you get started on this marvelous and extremely long journey, here is a list of all the levels and planets you will come across during the game, and these are essentially the different areas you will have to 100% in order to get your Golden Bricks for an anti-climactic surprise at the end.

Levels that you need to complete to get Gold Bricks
Geonosian Arena The Hidden Enemy
Ambush! Blue Shadow Virus
Storm Over Ryloth Innocents of Ryloth
Liberty on Ryloth Battle of Geonosis
Gungan General Jedi Crash
Defenders of Peace Weapons Factory
Legacy of Terror Duel of the Droids
Shadow of Malevolence Destroy Malevolence
Lair of Grievous Rookies
Grievous Intrigue Zillo Beast
Castle of Doom Hostage Crisis


Planets Where you can find Gold Bricks
Vassek Dead Moon of Antar
Ruusan Moon Florrum
Geonosis Malastare
Rugosa Chrisophsis
Ryloth Naboo
Coruscant Tattooine
Quell Maridun
Rishi Moon Saleucami

Accomplishing the following tasks throughout the different levels of Lego Star Wars 3 will grant you the stated number of special Bricks with a total of 130 to be collected.

Beat all the missions on Story Mode
You will receive 22 Gold Bricks once you have completed this part of the game.

Reach each mission’s True Jedi stud requirement
22 further Gold Bricks will be rewarded upon accomplishing this task.

Collect 10 minikits from each mission
22 Gold Bricks will be awarded for collecting all minikits.

Beat all 16 Republic Assault missions
16 Gold Bricks will be awarded for acing all Republic Assault missions.

Beat all 16 Separatist Assault missions
16 Gold Bricks will be given for beating all 16 Separatist Assault missions.

Beat all 16 bounty hunter missions
16 Gold Bricks will be awarded for completing all bounty hunts.

Beat all 16 space combat missions
16 Gold Bricks will be given for finishing all the space combat missions.

Should you happen to have done all the tasks mentioned above; by some miracle, then congratulations you will now have all 130 gold bricks alongside you. The next thing you are going to want to do is head to the area in the space craft beyond the holding cells and into the elevator which will take you to the room with a surprise waiting for you.

Once you start building using the Lego Brick, you will end up making a replica of the ship you earlier saw in the episode ‘Cat and Mouse’, which will also make it available to buy in the hangar once you build it. As it is built it is going to fly out of the window which is quite ballsy by the developers. This entire effort just made a mockery out of you apparently.

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