FIFA 12 – Features Wishlist and What’s Expected

Anyone who has played FIFA 11 won’t hesitate in admitting that they were, or still are, extremely addicted to one of the finest releases in the franchise to date. But one may argue there are lots of things FIFA 11 should still improve on and with news regarding FIFA 2012 coming next month, we all have a personal wish-list of the do’s and don’ts for the upcoming installment in EA Sports top cash milking franchise.

Here is a list of things we feel should be improved, added or enhanced.


Though some barely had any issues with the controls, others displayed displeasure regarding how the controls dampened the competitive nature of the game. The controls can certainly be improved more. For starters, assisted controls should be used for offline mode only, while the multiplayer should let you choose between manual or semi-assisted controls. This would greatly improve the online experience, and would allow players to develop their own skills.

The Out-Dated Crowd
Crowd engagement needs a massive improvement, they should shout, yell and behave responding to the action on the pitch. Well, the last bit can be excluded, but the cardboard styled old-fashioned design of the crowd and their limited animations really need to be changed – in a positive manner.

It’s a surety that, with the modern monstrous gaming rigs and the assistance of good software programming, such details will not handicap any sort of console or PC which is capable of running current era games.

Upgraded Game Engine
Yes, FIFA 2012 definitely needs an upgraded game engine, something that will make everything shinier, more detailed, and more attractive. The FIFA games have almost always look almost the same, and same is starting to become boring. An upgraded or a new engine can bring a huge change, and change is quite nice when it comes to games unless they make another Dragon Age 2.

In addition, a good physics system would also be a nice treat; we don’t want all players, fat or slim, playing the same way, falling the same way, and jumping in joy the same way.

More Realistic Experience

All things said, do allow some margin to be ignored, but a real-life experience in this soccer game is something in dire demand. If the game doesn’t have the realism, it doesn’t have the long-term captivating feature to it. Individuality of the players is the first step in achieving this.

All the players, good or bad, almost play exactly in the same manner in every FIFA game. Individual players need to be given individual skills which would give a certain team the natural-feeling gift of skill and class. Moreover, the defending system needs to be improved a great deal. Defense is an art in soccer, and it has to be made to feel that way in the game as well.

Rather than trying to win the ball back exclusively through pressure, players should be able to tackle the ball by tactical and skillful defense. Basically, the entire system needs to be revamped a great deal in order to make a close-to-real experience.

Shallow Promises

We’ve been promised more balanced free kicks, more dangerous corners and better throw-ins. The AI and graphics also have gotten an improvement, but it’s not confirmed as to what extent and whether they satisfy our expectations or not. The EA team is also promising to add more ‘soul’ into the game; we definitely hope that means a more realistic experience.

Apart from all the above, we’re quite sure that you may also have your own personal wish-lists and wants. Let us know about your personal wish-list in comments BELOW!