SOCOM 4 Level Up Guide – Experience Points

By   /   Apr 11, 2011

You will already be familiar with the XP system if you have played any other first person shooter that requires you to rank up in order to unlock different weapons and equipments.

In SOCOM 4, not only you level up as a soldier but, you also level up your weapon to use different mods and attachments in game. There are different ways you can earn XP in SOCOM 4, the classic game settings will reward you 3X the experience otherwise.

Every thing you do on the battlefield counts as experience. It includes enemies you kill, head shots you take, objectives you fulfill, and much more.

You can level up faster if you would take the route in the game that rewards maximum Experience Points in the game. You can take a look at the charts below on which action will reward you the most XP.

Kills – XP

Experience Points Rewarded When You Kill
ActionXPHow To
Kill5 XPKill an enemy.
Team Kill-10 XPWhen you kill one of your team mates.
Assists3 XPInjure an enemy and have your team mate finish the job.
Buddy System15 XPKill an injured enemy.
Bodyguard15 XPKill an enemy who is injuring one of your team mates.
Ambidextrous10 XPKill an enemy with both of your weapons in one life.
Lucky Magazine20 XPGet three kills in one magazine.
The Tester20 XPKill 5 enemies with 5 different weapons.
Boo15 XPKill an enemy as you die.
Weakest Link5 XPFirst person to be killed in a round.
Remember Me10 XPGet a revenge on your enemy. Kill an enemy who has recently killed you.
Bayonetter10 XPMelee an enemy.
Backstabber15 XPStab an enemy from behind.
Victory Dance Performed10 XPPerform a victory dance after killing an enemy. Press the CIRCLE button directly over their body after you kill them.
Squatter15 XPKill an enemy with an Air Strike.

Uplink – XP

Uplink Game Mode – Experience Points
ActionXPHow To
Capture Data7 XPCapture the data from any of the data locations on the map.
Data Defense10 XPDefend the data locations.
Data Carrier Kills5 XPKill an enemy holding the data.
Finders Keepers10 XPKill an enemy with your intel data, retrieve the data, and upload it to your team’s intel location.
Stolen Data10 XPSteal the enemy intel data and upload it to your base.

Last Defense – XP

Last Defense Game Mode – Experience Points
ActionXPHow To
Capture Sector Half-Way5 XPFill the sector capture bar half-way.
Capture Sector10 XPCapture a sector.
Beacon Planted7 XPPlant a beacon in the enemy Head Quarter.
Close But No Cigar5 XPKill an enemy who is capturing a sector.

Bomb Squad – XP

Bomb Squad Game Mode – Experience Points
ActionXPHow To
Bomb Defused5 XPDefuse a bomb in Bomb Squad.

Medals and Awards

You will earn medals in game when you complete different challenges. You can find the description and requirement of each medal in the career in the multiplayer menu. Generally each medal will have three tiers, each tier will give you a tougher challenge as you aim for the medal.

The difficulty will increase with each level of the medal, so will the requirements. You can earn these medals and awards multiple times, and each time you earn these, you will be awarded extra experience points. Another fine way to level up, but as I said, it isn’t easier to earn medals and awards especially when it comes to the higher tier medals.

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