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So, What’s New In Spider Man: Edge of Time

Last year Activision-owned developer Beenox took us on a multi-dimensional ride by introducing the surprisingly well-acclaimed Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions, becoming one of the best wall crawling games of all time, Beenox is back, with a more intriguing Spider Man than ever.

What’s New & What’s Not:

There might be a few changes here and there, but honestly not many would be expecting a complete makeover of the first game to create the sequel. Simply speaking, Edge of Time will take a few elements and basics from its predecessor, and we don’t blame anyone for this fact; added to that it will be a slightly different storyline – though it still vaguely resembles the concepts of the first game.

Beenox seems to enjoy giving the users a taste of twisted space-time concept, or anything regarding it. Instead of hopping dimensions, we’ll be playing between two timelines, the future and the past. That means players will be controlling two Spider-Men; one be our regular vintage-styled The Amazing Spider-Man, while the other will be the 2099 version i.e. Miguel O’Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099.

Spider Man Edge of Time

What’s old is how the player will be concerned with Spider-Men from multiple timelines, a thing that many of us have gotten familiar with by now.

The more important case in this scenario is that both Spidey’s will be actively helping each other out, attempting to the tragic events of the past which led to the horrific death of the Peter Parker version of Spider-Man (we’ll get to that in a bit). Edge of Time will feature a new cause-and-effect gameplay system – one Spider-Man’s actions will directly or indirectly effect the other Spider-Man.

Spider Man Edge of Time

A good example of how this works is that through some means of weird space-time law-breaking telepathy concept, the 2099 Spidey asks Peter Parker to infiltrate the Alchemax HQ, and gets in trouble with a robot which just happened to have been prototyped in the Peter Parker era. All that Parker has to do is spank the prototype to the limits, and before 2099 Spidey knows it, it’s disappeared in his era and the player’s control changes from one Spidey to the other.

The impression that all the above Spidey-save-Spidey gibber gives is that of you playing a co-op styled game – only that you are playing it with yourself as the second player.

But what’s important to know is not all the cause-and-effect scenarios are mandatory, which means Edge of Time will have a more open-ended feel to it, a feat not easily achieved by many.

The Plot

The plot revolves around the tragic death of the Peter Parker Spider-Man, and how it negatively affects that future in which Spider-Man 2099 lives.

Miguel vows to change the unfortunate events, and decides to directly contact the Amazing Spider-Man to change the future by changing the past and preventing Parker’s untimely death

Spider Man Edge of Time

If Shattered Dimension seemed a slightly-above-than-average game consisting of tons of battles and barely any exploratory parts, then Edge of Time should be a slightly different experience – at least which is what Beenox is indicating, since they are more contended in making the sequel a more story-oriented game rather than the typical action-oriented type.

Of course that also means the inclusion of minor skirmishes between the two Spideys, the “I don’t get along with you” attitude. This may lead to arguments between the two Spider-Men, which might also create unexpected twists in the plot and gameplay; at least that is what we’re hoping.


It’s alright that Edge of Time resembled its prequel quite a bit in-terms of gameplay. The elegant, retro styled maneuvers of the Amazing Spider-Man are as delightful as the vertical dive sections and aggressive combat techniques of the 2099 version.

The Amazing Spider-Man will be relying more on his acrobats and conventional techniques to teach his foes a lesson, whereas Spider-Man 2099 will be using hi-tech attacks and proficiencies to rid off his enemies.

Close quarter combat will also be a key feature of the gameplay throughout the entire game, which would mean the typical one-against-twenty scenarios we have become acquainted with in hero-based action games. This will also be accompanied with a skills tree, which would allow you to amp your Spidey up and give him badder and meaner moves.

Spider Man Edge of Time

Beenox has also been keen in showing off the new dodge moves added to the armories of both the heroes. Peter Parker will have the traditional vintage dodging ability, making him look somewhat like a ninja dressed in a silly suit with bulging white eyes. Miguel will have a decoy-styled dodge, allowing him to leave ghost images of himself.

The dodge might sound a bit tempting, but it isn’t always at the disposal of the Spideys’. The dodging system will come with a gauge, meaning limitations to its use, unless the gauge manages to refill through a certain source or two.

Final Thoughts

The game seems to be conjugated with a promising tale and an interesting mix of two different timelines, which makes it seem all that much more salubrious than Shattered Dimensions. If Beenox lives up to the task, then Spider-Man: Edge of Time can easily give a good challenge to the heavily anticipated rival comic-based action game Batman: Arkham City.