Visual Guide to Battlefield 3

EA has released the media content for Battlefield 3 which includes screenshots, sketches, storyboards, illustrations of lighting, destruction 3.0 and even a screenshot of the FrostED editor.

All of these screenshots/artwork appear to be from the previous magazine features, but now you can see them in high resolution with description of each image.

Battlefield 3 Animation #2

Composites showing a number of frames of animation of a soldier sliding into cover in a couple of different ways. The ANT technology allows the blending of any number of animations seamlessly.

Battlefield 3 FB_Lighting #1

Battlefield 3 FB_Lighting #2

Battlefield 3 FB_Lighting #3

The Frostbite 2 engine lets the developers use features such as dynamic radiosity, dynamic shadows, and deferred lighting on a big scale. Included are some examples of an environment where you can see just the lighting information (1), the actual light probes that control how light affects dynamic objects (2 – one of these probes contain more lighting information than an entire level from BFBC2), and the finished environment the way a player would see it (3).

Battlefield 3 Alley

This alley showcases Frostbite 2 engine’s lighting (and is the same alley portrayed in screens “Lighting 1-3”).

Battlefield 3 Destruction

Destruction will be a major part of Battlefield 3, both on a micro and large scale. One of the new destruction features being brought to Battlefield 3 are crumbling facades, shown in this 4-picture sequence (this destruction will be a feature both in single-player and multiplayer modes).

Battlefield 3 Story Board #1

Battlefield 3 Story Board #2

Battlefield 3 Story Board #3

Concept artist Mattias Hägglund painted storyboards for missions to set the emotional target for Battlefield 3. These sketches show three soldiers arriving at a scene, one of them being shot and dragged to safety by his buddy.

Battlefield 3 Briefing

A briefing scene from the single player mission.

Battlefield 3 NOVAC

This is the hotel where a sniper camps in the mission, and is just one example of destruction in Battlefield 3.

GO!! GO!! GO!!

The start of a big street-level firefight.

Battlefield 3 Kick The Door

Showcasing Frostbite 2 engine’s lighting, and the physicality of kicking doors in.

Battlefield 3 Staging Area

Out of the transport and on the way to the briefing. The relatively peaceful opening of the mission later erupts into the firefight in the parking lot.

Battlefield 3 Cover

Battlefield 3 Cover

Cover system in Battlefield 3. DICE has already gone on the Battlefield 3 differences on Consoles, and detailed Battlefield 3 multiplayer map differences.