Battlefield 3 Map Differences on Consoles and PC

Battlefield 3 will support 64 players server on PC with obviously large maps, but what about the consoles where the the game is restricted to 24 players. This was the first question asked during Chicago Pop Culture Demo event of Battlefield 3. Answer received was yes, the maps would be scaled down from the larger maps that would be on PC.

This leads to the obvious second question, how would planes adjust to the size ? Dev answered this question that planes will have a larger airspace and map area to fly around in, versus players on the ground with the “Out of bound zones”.

Final and one of the most intriguing question asked from the Devs was the how they aim to transform the gorgeous graphics to the dated consoles.

Devs replied, while the consoles were dated, they were able to make technology which basically made these amazing graphics, then through streaming and pipelines, they could compress the information to run through the console and then un-compress as it fed to the television giving the gorgeousness that you see on the PC to the console counterpart.

Everything looks balanced till now, if PC version of the game is getting larger maps, console version of the game is getting larger space area with no out of bound zones. Graphics have been optimized for dated console so you still get close at what you see on PC. DICE wants everyone happy.