Mass Effect 3 Detailed – There Will Be No Multiplayer

Shepherd will return in Mass Effect 3 and this time it’s not the space turmoil but the living world is in danger. According to the details revealed by Game Informer, the third installment in the series will have enhanced RPG elements like ‘Better Upgrade System’, ‘Improved Weapons’ and ‘Different Endings’ depending on the decisions you will make during your quest to save the world. There will be more than one good ending and more than one bad ending.

Commander Shepherd will be accompanied by some of his old companions like Liarra, Ashley and Kiaden. Other members Garrus, Wrex, Mordin and Legion may or may not appear in the game depending upon whether they lived or died.

Like Mass Effect 2 on Playstation 3, Mass Effect 3 will come with a digital comic to elaborate the back stories. The Illusive man will return but this time he won’t be an ally but a foe who has ordered Cerberus to take out Shepherd. And why is that? We don’t know it yet.

Like Mass Effect 2 there will be ‘No Multiplayer’. “Multiplayer will, however, be considered for future games and spin-offs”. It’s fine though since Mass Effect itself is so vast that you may not feel the need of multiplayer but it surely can add another dimension to Mass Effect franchise.