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Battlefield 3 Has Been Scrunched Down on Xbox 360 Plus No Dedicated LAN Support For PC

DICE showed Battlefield 3 in the London preview event earlier this week. Several questions were asked and answered during the event. DeVore, a member was at the event and has shared interesting new information about core gameplay elements and features of Battlefield 3 singleplayer and multiplayer mode.

  • There is an extensive singleplayer campaign. Its developed with the Frostbite2 engine and it was developed for the PC. The Xbox 360 version has been scrunched down. In fact one of the techs was telling me that when they first tried it on 360, it would barely render a single player object before optimization.
  • There is regenerating health like Halo.
    No Dedicated LAN Support. The LAN has to have connection out to the interweb.
  • Players can rent Dedicated Servers like Before.
    It seems Commander mode has been scratched for new tactical and strategic elements.
  • Event focused on showing everything pretty about Battlefield 3, so all the questions about Mods were waved down.
  • Destruction physics is amazing, you can tear down a 5 story hotel to the ground, to rubble, or you can blow about 1/6th of a breeze block away from the wall to get a shot or reveal an enemy in cover.