Streets of Rage Remake – Finally Released After 8 years

Streets of Rage Remake took 8 years in development and still after its release, is a free to play game. Find it hard to believe? It’s a fact. “Bomber Games” took almost a decade to complete “Streets of Rage Remake”. Streets of Rage is a remake of classic beat ’em up game where you can choose from different characters and fight your way through enemies attacking you in waves.

Streets of Rage prolongs for 103 levels of excitement and fun if choose so. And yes, there is a level creator for the game which probably will keep the game alive for a long time. Have a look at it’s gameplay:

Game features all the characters from the series along with some new additions. If you are a fan of beat ’em up style games, then this is a real treat for you. You can download the game from the official site and start kicking some a55.