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Battlefield 3 Ready To Take Down Call of Duty Franchise

Think for a moment, Battlefield 3 vs the latest installment of Call of Duty; can’t decide? EA’s CEO knows what will be the outcome.

This game is designed to take that game [Call of Duty] down. If you’re looking for a battle of titans, a Red Sox vs. Yankees, if you’re trying to understand whether it’s Microsoft or Google, and what the tip-off point is for this holiday season: this is it. There’ll be a couple hundred million dollars of marketing against the two products going head to head, with similar designs. We think we’ve got the better product. It’s gonna be a blast.

It won’t be a surprise if EA or Activision spend a millions of dollars for the marketing of these two games because they will earn far more than that. Both the franchises have been doing well in the past but this time EA is taking it personnel.

The challenge is on. We already have some videos and info on Battlefield 3 but there is nothing much we know about next Call of Duty, not even its name. All we know is that it might get released in November alongside Battlefield 3. Infinity Ward will most probably use the same engine for another COD release which makes chances of COD to survive against Battlefield 3 slimmer.

Battlefield 3 developers are quite confident that they can beat Call of Duty this time with a bigger margin. We don’t know yet how far this claim will hold but one thing is for sure, if COD devs don’t bring something new and interesting, they won’t stand a chance against the stunning Battlefield 3 which is aiming to raise the bar in FPS genre.