Bioshock Infinite – What’s New & Where The Franchise Is Heading

Irrational Games is busy in their development of the third installment of the formidable Bioshock series.

Formerly known has Project Icarus; Bioshock Infinite is set to be released in 2012 – that means roughly a good bit of a year till we can get our hands on the finished, polished version of the game.

Regardless of the time left in its release, Irrational Games has been generous enough to share a thing or two about what this game has to offer.

The first and foremost revelation was that Infinite would be set in the sky, in the city of Columbia (interesting how they decided to name it after a real-life country.
Bioshock Infinite
Can’t help getting the feeling it might have something to do with the real Columbia. It may sound like a tempting idea, but Irrational seems to be willing to create the worlds of their games anywhere but on terra firma.

We saw the first two Bioshock games set in the failed-Utopian underwater city of Rapture, with partially mindless freaks crawling here and there. It made for an eerie and twisted atmosphere, which was very intriguing in the first game, but became too similar in the sequel – though being a big daddy had its own satisfying feeling.

Nevertheless there was overall too little a difference between the two games to make them both equally successful, and the one that saw relatively lesser fame was the sequel.
Bioshock Infinite_Sky-Line
Let’s now shift our focus to Infinite. We’ve seen the sky, the clouds, the old-fashioned buildings of 1912, the stationary-but-floating hot air balloons that make some nice background scenes, and the inhabitants of these old-fashioned buildings using their magic-like powers (I guess Adam wasn’t only an underwater thing) to try and save other inhabitants who are chased by things that look awfully similar to the dreaded big daddies.

The other thing that everyone was enlightened about was that unlike in the first two Bioshock games, not everyone you meet will go mad and desire to splice you up or do anything similar. Some of the characters you see in the floating city of Columbia will maintain a neutral approach.

Yay for us! It wasn’t very welcoming how the whole world (or at least the city) of Bioshock 1 and 2 just wanted to butcher us one way or the other, and that is something developers have redeemed.

We also saw, in the initial screenshots that were made public, the lighting of the city in the air with the full moon hanging in the distant visible skies, and the misty fog that surrounded the creepily cool buildings and skylines.

At that time many people including myself let out a brief but meaningful grunt, signing the displeasure over the darkness that engulfed the entire world.

But Irrational Games seems to have embedded ears and eyes everywhere, and quickly unveiled that Infinite would also feature the bright, shining, shimmering Sun.
Bioshock Infinite_Saltonstall
Yes, that means game would feature both night and day cycles, so for those who like a little sunshine, there will be some, and for those who have nocturnal habits, find their way in darkness.

The hostility, the uncanny environment and the notoriously huge and suited beast-like daddies might be elements that we are acquainted to. I definitely feel that Irrational is cooking up something unique in its own way, and that it will captivate the world the same way the tales of Rapture did.