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ANNO 2070 Challenges You to Shape Modern Tomorrow

Ubisoft has unveiled the sequel to their award winning historic city building economic strategic game, Dawn of Discovery.

Anno 2070 takes the player into the world inspired by today’s challenges and tomorrow’s technology. Developers aim to provide both familiar and fresh gameplay to the fans of the series with the new ambitious setting.

While the setting has been changed, the core gameplay mechanics are still the same. You need to build your empire by forcing your way through numerous ecological challenges and shape the world of tomorrow.
Anno 2070
You will play as one of two factions in ANNO 2070: the industrial Tycoons or the environmentally minded Ecos. The game will include story-driven campaign mode, an open-ended continuous mode similar to previous games and number of multiplayer option that will provide more interaction between online players all around the world.

ANNO 2070 is an exclusive PC title set to release in winter 2011.