SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy SEALs Beginner’s Guide

Before you head in to play the most tactical console shooter to date, that is SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy SEALs, there are few things you should know.

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Aiming – Third and First Person Perspective

SOCOM 4 is different when it comes to aim as the game features different perspectives. Most of the times you will be in third person perspective, while when aiming down sight or zooming in on your target, your aim will move into first person perspective.

In order to move into first person perspective, you will need to aim down sight; you can further zoom in from there on your target if its in the range.

It is recommended that you keep yourself in third person perspective at close range and only move into first person perspective when you need to take someone out in medium to long range. Extra zoom-in should only be used when you are sniping or the enemy is at a greater distance.

Aiming down sight in close quarters will mostly get you killed. Keeping yourself in third person perspective will allow greater mobility and smooth aiming in close quarters.

Stance is Important – Improves Accuracy

SOCOM 4 features a dynamic stance system that doesn’t only provide you with greater chance to surprise the enemy but greatly enhances your aim. The aim reticle shrinks as close you are to the ground. That means, your best and most accurate shots will be when you are in prone position lying on the ground.

So, if you are to take a difficult shot, take a good stance, crouch or go prone and bamm!.

Take Cover – Whenever You Can

You can take cover behind walls and different objects placed on the battlefield. You can pop in and out of the cover to take out your enemies but remember, you are exposed to enemy fire when you pop out of the cover.

There is no blind fire from behind the cover so you have to leave cover to take your enemy out, it’s always best to pop out, pop back in, mark your enemy’s location and take ’em out in the next move.


SOCOM 4 will feature Sub-Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, and Shotguns. No pistols, you can choose two primary weapons instead, but you need to pick these weapons from different classes. You can’t pick two weapons from the same class of weapons.

Another important aspect of the SOCOM 4 is that it allows you to pick up the ammo of the same class of weapons from the downed enemies. If you kill someone holding the same class of weapon, you will pick up ammo when you walk over its weapon.

Aiming – Real Time Bullet Travel
To make the game more realist, Zipper Interactive has implemented actual bullet travel with each weapon. So, the bullets fired by each weapon would take real time to reach the enemy when fired from long range.

If these bullets don’t hit the enemy instantly, that means you will have to take into account where your target will be when the bullet will reach ’em. This is called lead time, you would need to accurately judge the time it takes the bullet to travel to the enemy and guess where the enemy would be at that point.

The best way is to shoot in the way of the enemy so they run into the bullet. Consider yourself playing any other shooter in lag, and you will have an idea what to do.

But, that doesn’t count for enemies that are in short range or close to you, since the lead time will be nearly zero.

Fire Modes
You can attach different fire mods to your weapon, but you have to unlock them. You can make these weapons fully automatic, semi automatic, or use burst fire modes.

But not all of the weapons featured in SOCOM 4 have alternate fire modes. In order to change the fire mode, hold the weapon swap button, then press Left or Right on your D-PAD. You can also hold the weapon swap button to switch your equipment.

Custom Class – Choose Your Load-out at Start

You can choose a custom loadout at the start of every match. Each loadout consists of two weapons (should be of different classes), two pieces of equipment, and a character model. You can also attach different mods to your weapon but first, you will have to unlock them by playing with that specific weapon. You can check more on this on Fire Modes.

Classic Game Settings

Classic game mode settings are what the old school fans of SOCOM would be familiar with.


  • No Respawns
  • No Health Regeneration
  • Health Bar shown on the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Increased Movement Speed for players
  • Extra Rounds in Game Modes
  • A Round or game will end if all players are eliminated. The objective does not need to be completed.

Standard Game Settings

Standard mode features new settings introduced in the game which will make SOCOM less tactical for the casual/fun seeking fans of the shooter series.


  • Respawns
  • Health Regeneration
  • Lesser Rounds, Few of game modes have no rounds at all, typical run and gun.
  • Two spawn locations in each map.
  • You can choose where to respawn, at the base or at the front lines.

Note. Both of the settings come with friendly fire on.


Airstrikes are also a new featured introduced in SOCOM 4 and are loosely referred to as “Suppression Strikes” in-game. There are no air strikes in classic mode, so if you don’t like the inclusion, just stick to the classic mode settings.

How to Earn Air strikes in SOCOM 4
There are different ways to earn Air Strikes in SOCOM 4 dependent on the game mode you are playing.


  • Get 5 Kills in a row.

Last Defense

  • Capture a Sector.


  • Successfully steal the intel data.
  • Successfully recover the intel data.

Bomb Squad

  • Kill the Bomb Technician.
  • Get 3 kills while defending the Bomb Technician.

If you want to add something that I may have missed, feel free to write it in comments.