Free Realms Jobs Guide – Free Style, Crafting, and Combat

In the world of Free Realms, there are three different job types you can master in. Each has its own benefits. Choose the one that suits you the most.

Free Realms Free Style Jobs

If you are fond of exploration, you should definitely adopt this class of jobs. Most of the jobs here are quests of various kinds.

Soccer Star
Master dodge, super kicks and tackle to be a soccer star. Compose a team with your friends and join league.

You will know about the treasures floating inside the water. Catch exotic fish, coins and treasure.

Kart Driver
Learn the skills of massive jump and power slides. Customize your looks and compete with friends online.

Get to deliver the most important Free Realms deliveries. You can’t afford to delay the deliveries.

Demolition Derby Driver
Want to join destruction derby? The more destruction you cause, the better better driver you will be.

Card Duelist
Free Realms also include trading game card for fun.

Free Realms Crafting Jobs

It’s all about creativity and work. To make different sorts of crafts, you can either be a Blacksmith, Chef or a Miner.

You will specialize in tools that will help your cause. You can sell your crafted items to your friends.

You can master the art of cooking. You can either consume the food or sell it to your friends.

Start digging and search for the precious items hidden inside the coal mines like the gems and the ores.

Free Realms Combat Jobs

Love to fight? Go for this type of jobs and you will fight a lot of battles.

Master the skill for combat. Use exotic weapons, shurikens and swords. Vanish so enemies won’t be able to see you as you go do your sneak attacks.

Use long-distance weapon like bow and arrow. Master a strike on your target and attack more than one enemy at a time.

Master the four elements and summons them in battle. Learn spells and channel energy of different elements

While on battle you will be able to heal an ally or heal your team all at once. Give a helping hand to teammate in-need.

being a warrior, you should protect the weak. Your strong ability can aid you in battle. You will be able to use heavy armor and carry heavy weapons too like swords and axes.

Rough and rugged, that’s how a brawler want it to be. Hammers, powerful kicks and clubs are your weapon for enemies.