Console Wars – What Makes Nintendo 3DS The Best Selling Handheld

Different generations of consoles have entertained people around the globe to date, and with the evolution in technology, the use of video game consoles have been extended beyond playing games.

But in-spite of all this, none of these 7th Gen consoles are able to match the sales count of Nintendo 3DS. What could be the possible reasons behind it? Before we dig it further, have a look at these stats:

In the modern day world life is so busy, most of the people can’t assign a particular time to gaming. Since they can’t carry an Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii with them, they are left with handheld consoles like DS and PSP. True that a 256×192-pixel display can’t deliver the same effects as that of an HD screen but the benefit of playing it whenever you want is far more demanding.

How many of you like Pokemon series? There are millions of Pokemon fans out there who will buy any game in the series anyway. The success behind many DS games is the concept and the gameplay which keeps you engaged which one probably can’t find in other consoles. Same goes for Nintendo’s Wii, which actually has more sales than both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Do competitive gamers play games on handheld? or infact any other handheld consoles to an extent they play Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 or PC. Why? because most of the competitions and competitive gaming happen around these three.

The major portion of the handheld sales should go to kids and casual games fan base, who just want to play without considering whether the game is visually detailed or not. Parents can’t find a better gift for their kid who is fond of video games than a handheld console like 3DS.

Recent years, the gap between the sales of Nintendo’s handheld and other major consoles have reduced but, with the launch of all new Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo will again beat the big two by a margin. Price is not a factor as Nintendo’s latest console matches the price of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

I think, It’s Nintendo’s policy “Simpler is better” that has been working well for them. But with the ever increasing competition and improved mobile gaming, Nintendo will have to strive harder to retain retain its position. These were my 2 cents. If you own any Handheld gaming console, especially DS or 3DS, tell us what you like about it.