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WWE All Stars Cheats – Unlock Constumes, Arenas and Wrestlers

You may not want to bear the hardships to unlock all the content in WWE All Stars. It’s natural, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t unlock these by using this exploit/cheat code. You can follow the simple instructions below and unlock everything; alternate costumes, wrestlers, arenas in WWE All Stars.

Note. You need do these key strokes on the main menu.

How to Unlock Everything in WWE All Stars – Playstation 3
Left, triangle, down, left, triangle, square, left, square, triangle, down, right, square, left, up, square, right.

How to Unlock Everything in WWE All Stars – Xbox 360
Left, Y, Down, Left, Y, X, Left, X, Y, Down, Right, X, Left, Up, X, Right

You will have to repeat the procedure every time you start the game.