Glasses Free 3D For iPhone and iPad – Blows Away Nintendo 3DS

Big Head Games just announced a break through technology that would enable iPhone and iPad to support Glasses Free 3D experience while playing games. This is all possible with a thin clear film and the BHG SDK.

The effect is visually at par with Nintendo 3DS but in bigger but on the bigger and higher res screen of iPhone and iPad. Makes you wonder if this is going to the next generation of hand held gaming. The approach is simple, a wafer thin sheet of ‘plastic’ is laid on the screen of iPhone or iPad, and immediately images leap out of it.

Big Head’s Business Director Dave Vout explains “this is truly amazing, it blows away the Nintendo 3DS for size and resolution, it’s just a huge leap forward, we’ve worked very hard with Floorpali to develop something that is cheap but durable enough, this is going to change gaming on the iPad.”

Developer has promised to reveal more information on April 1st. You can check their Facebook Page for more on the story.

Editor’s Notes: Floorpali is a anagram of April fool if you haven’t noticed already. ha ha