Homefront Multiplayer Strategy Guide

Multiplayer in Homefront is somewhat different from the games we regularly play online, it’s more like a hybrid of call of duty and battlefield with added adrenaline.

I would go through every multiplayer aspect of Homefront in this guide, so as to provide a basic understanding you can use to develop your skills.

What are Battle Points ?

Battle Points are HomeFront’s in-game currency. You earn BP by killing enemies, and completing objectives. You earn a little extra by killstreaks. You can use these BP to purchase equipment which you can load into your infantry’s ‘Purchase Slots’.

These items include Airstrikes, Drones, and Rocket Launchers. Read HomeFront Infantry Guide for more insight on every Infantry type in Homefront and different loadout options each come with.


You can purchase man-able vehicles in Homefront once the match starts from the spawn area. Buy a vehicle using battle points, or join a vehicle already in battle in a secondary seat and inflict damage to your opponents. You can also enter the abandoned enemy vehicle and put to your use.

For more insights into how you should go about different available options, read Homefront Vehicles Guide, also go through HomeFront Purchasables Guide for more information on battle points and cost of these units.

Drones and Airstrikes

Unmanned remote controlled drones can be purchased using Battle Points on the field to pull variety of tasks ranging from tagging a troublesome foe to wrecking hovoc on a tactical spot.

Read HomeFront Purchasables Guide for more insight on how to use Drones and Airstrikes more effectively and what options you have on the battlefield.

Multiplayer Game Types

Ground Control
Each team splits into two half with neutral zone in the middle consisting of three flagged positions known as Control Points. The objective is similar to capture the flag; you need to hold these points for maximum time to score for your team.

The Battle Commander AI
Each team has a battle commander who can access real-time information on the battlefield and assign missions on the field. Missions would be like protecting your best player on the field or placing the bounty on the most damaging player.

Each mission is dependent on the performance of the player and almost every mission rewards the player with perks to increase his performance. Meanwhile these missions and performance of the player is also identified by the enemy battle commander, hence the player becomes a target for the enemy forces.

Every Battle Commander starts with a basic one start rating and works its way to 5 start with rewards of performance and ability boosts. The more starts the player receives, the more bonuses it will get.

Whether you are a player on killstreak, have a Drone, Vehicle, or a Nemesis on a deathstreak, you will be assigned missions dependent on your performance and rewarded accordingly.


Challenges require you to be proficient with every piece of military equipment. You will be required to complete all the listed challenges under each piece of equipment in HomeFront and unlock rewards.

Read HomeFront Unlockables Guide to more insight on these challenges and corresponding unlockables.

HomeFront Weapons Guide

You can read our HomeFront Guide on Weapons to find out the strength and weakness of each weapon and how to make the best use of it during competitive multiplayer.

HomeFront Abilities, Weapon Attachments and Explosives

This Guide includes information on remaining equipment of your infantry loadout and their relative effectiveness.

HomeFront Multiplayer Maps Guide

Coming Soon!


1# Try different weapons and see which weapon suits you. Learn the weapon/perk combination, the advantages and disadvantages associated with each choice.

2# The game is new, but you will come across people with sick aims. These are guys you need to avoid right now but how ? get your ass in cover but don’t camp. Move from place to place, and always make sure you have something solid behind you so that you can focus upfront. Kill one, move to next spot and so on.

3# Communicate, if you are playing team based game, which requires tactical knowledge of the opponents every round. Share your thoughts, get feedback, listen to what your team says.

4# Keep trying different combination as you are leveling up, try different guns, don’t stick to one gun, just because everyone else is using the same gun. It’s better to try every gun right now, and see what type of gameplay and gun suits you.

5# Patience is something you will learn as the time passes, but still, try to be patient. It’s always best to take a clear shot, if you know you can’t take a clear shot, just wait for the enemy to come in sight for the clear shot. The whole point of this fuss is that you don’t stupidly give your position away in an attempt to kill a running opponent.

6# Take Cover. There are tons of things you can use to take cover, and hide behind. Learn how can you move from cover to cover. You can also take advantage of the spawn patterns but that would be too much for you at this stage of the game. Always get yourself behind hard cover, not something that is easily penetrable.

7# Take Cover, and Reload. Don’t Reload, while moving, you will die miserably and won’t even have a chance to react.

8# Use the Mini map. OH you knew that ? use it to your advantage. Red Players are your enemies engaged in firefights. Now, that you know their location, why not finish them off. If you find a cluster of the enemies, try to flank and go for a safe route.

9# How you get fragged mostly ? ask this question to yourself and try not to. Try to keep your deaths below 10, it helps.

10# Protect Vehicle’s weaker parts, and use the stronger side armor to your advantage when defending.

11# When attacking vehicle, aim for the weaker parts, front and rear.

12# You can follow the bullet trails to locate the enemy player.

13# Use Proximity Launchers against the air vehicles while RPG’s against the ground vehicles.

14# Use Recon Drones in small maps since the enemy players would normally be in clusters.

15# You can use Thermal Goggles in Maps with thick plants and trees to locate hidden enemy players.

16# If possible, keep the high ground since it gets easier to kill.

17# Go for the objectives that aren’t the focus of attention, that are on the sides of the map.

18# Use EMPs on the ground vehicles to render vehicles immovable. Though make sure you are well hidden since these vehicles can still attack.

19# You can drop out of helicopter on a rooftop and then use it as sniping position.

20# Don’t use perks that cancel the effect of your loadout, only use perks that complement your infantry’s effectiveness and your playstyle.

21# You can cook grenades in HomeFront so use them for campers or spam them at control points before entering the area.