Homefront Guide – Perks, Weapon Attachments, and Explosives

Homefront multiplayer is somewhat unique with few elements jelled together from here and there but adds a different dimension to multiplayer shooter game.

Though core elements may still be somewhat similar to what we are used to and have seen before. Anyway, if you were looking for a comprehensive guide for all the weapon attachments, perks and explosives in the game, you are at the right place.

Homefront – Weapon Attachments

All the weapon attachments in Homefront you can use to suit your gamestyle.
Holo Scope (5 Kills)
A holographic sight that helps in aiming targets.Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 variants are available.

Silencer (25 Kills)
Suppresses the noise and flash of weapons being fired. There is no spot on the mini-map on firing a silenced weapon. Although silencers tend to reduce the range of the particular weapon but are useful specially when you want to stay in enemy base for a longer duration without being noticed.

Red Dot Sight (50 Kills)
The red dot makes it easy to aim targets specially the moving targets and the ones in cover.

Grenade Launcher (75 Kills)
Launched Grenades through this attachment can explode and cause damage in a particular radius that is almost equivalent to the radius of a normal grenade.

Airburst Launcher (150 Kills)
It’s a launcher with laser rangefinder and airburst grenades. The desired distance is set by pressing the respective button and then released for launch.

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Launcher
This Launcher affects vehicles and drones found in range.

ACOG Scope (100 Kills)
This scope has lesser zoom than a sniper scope. One can zoom up to 1.5x. Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 variants are available. Not a good choice if you are a player who like to rush.

Homefront – Special Explosives

All the explosives in Homefront, you can employ for destruction.

Flash Bang (Level 1)
It stuns enemies caught in it’s range. It almost paralyzes the opponent giving you an easy kill. Useful specially when you are up against a group of enemies.

EMP Grenade (level 1)
This electromagnetic pulse grenade can temporarily disable vehicles and drones found in range.

C4 (Level 24)
Multiple explosive bricks can be placed and then detonated via remote control trigger.

WP Grenade (Level 43)
Explodes to produce a lethal burning smoke.

Homefront – Infantry Abilities/Perks

These abilities will enhance your performance in the battlefield.

Drone be Gone (Level 1)
Increases the speed of drone.

Tactical Reload (Level 1)
Faster Reload Speed.

Quick Draw (Level 1)
You can aim down sight at a faster rate.

My Buddy (Level 8)
Drone’s battery duration is increased.

Ghost (Level 23)
You remain hidden in enemy UAVs.

Crater-to-order (Level 34)
Your death follows a drone explosion

Thick Skin (Level 1)
Increased drone health

Now That’s a Knife (Level 1)
Increased melee damage with faster recovery.

Penny Pincher (Level 1)
Special weapons equipped cost less.

Grave Robber (Level 18)
You can pick up ammo from dead bodies.

Steady Aim (Level 26)
Recoil is reduced while you are aiming down sight.

Utility Belt (Level 38)
You can carry extra special grenades.

Blastwave (Level 42)
Damage radius of explosives is increased.

Quick Healer (Level 47)
Health is regenerated at a faster rate.

Straight from the Hip (Level 1)
Hip fire accuracy is improved.

Fist Full (Level 1)
You can carry extra grenades.

Grizzled (Level 13)
Experience gains are increased

Boomer (Level 30)
This one increases the explosive damage.