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Gaikai’s Cloud Gaming Service is Now Live

Gaikai announced today that its cloud based games streaming service live with four EA games (Dead Space 2, Sims 3, Mass Effect 2 and Spore) demo available for users to start playing in their browsers.

The service is currently in public beta so if you want to check the prospects, register here.

CEO David Perry said Gaikai is featuring EA games because of their popularity:

We’ve been working away with them as we discover how to reduce the friction when playing products. We’ve been keeping quiet, but we’ve secretly been up and running for months, quietly, testing, collecting analytics, improving things, etc.

At GDC 2011 this week, Gaikai will demonstrate the power of its service by running the high-end, high-performance games at 60hz as well as by running Mass Effect 2 inside Facebook. How cool is that ?