Top 5 Indie Games Of 2011

Our rundown to the most interesting and probably the best upcoming Indie video game titles of 2011.

5. Nidhogg:
Nidhogg is a 2 player fencing game with football & platforming elements. Imagine a game where you have to hone your skills with a sword and soccer at the same time. The concept is extremely unique. Each player has to kill and escape the opponent to reach the end (Goal!!)

4. Overgrowth:
Overgrowth is a 3D third person brawling game and is set in an old world where your characters will be rabbits, wolves, cats, rats and dogs. The fighting system is called context-sensitive which means that your every attack depends on the your pace and position. In addition to that every attack can be reversed.

3. Confetti Carnival:
Confetti Carnival is a completely original, physics based game where your main objective is simply pulling off a confetti show. Game has a few puzzles and as you learn your way through, you’ll be pulling off arcade style combos. It’s unique and with distinct visuals achieved by physics simulations that never play out the same.

2. Spy Party:
It’s a game of deduction between two players. One player acts as the spy and the second as a sniper who has to put down the spy. The scene involves a cocktail party where the spy’s job is to mingle with AI guests. The sniper outside has to figure out which one is the spy (human player) and take him out. The spy at the same time has to complete a few stealthy missions like bugging an ambassador.

1. The Swapper:
The idea behind the game is making clones of yourself and then transfering control between the copies. What makes it interesting is that the copies you make are not disposable. The game is a very good puzzle based title and is a favorite one of mine.

The article was written by Saqib Mansoor.