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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – Boss Guide

If you are having trouble defeating the final bosses in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – you can refer to this guide for all the tips and tricks to defeat each and every boss that comes your way.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – Boss Guard Armor

First off, you must conceive his movement patterns. When the Guard Armor appears on screen he will move right to left, jumping while he does that. And then he’ll start spinning his hands indicating he is going to attack you.

So you need to attack him when he is moving from right to left before he attacks you. You must lock-on the white circle at his torso and start hitting until he falls on the ground into pieces, then you have to get close and using your Keyblade you must hit at the white circle.

While doing so you must collect all those boxes and blocks coming down from the sky to help you maintain your health.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – Boss The Trickmaster

In Stage 1 you have to work on your positioning which is very important because all of the time you must have enough room so to easily dodge the fireballs and the danger blocks coming your way. The ideal position is right in the center of the screen.

Now hit all four points on the Trickmaster’s body using charged shots and lock on. You also must be careful about the wall of damage blocks. Judge his attacks before so that you have time to dodge the fireballs.

In Stage 2 the attack patterns remain same but the intensity and speed of the attack increases. Now the fireballs will come bouncing towards you, you can avoid by jumping but not always. You may also need to shoot them. While doing so you have to attack whenever you get a chance.

In Stage 3 Trickmaster uses everything used in previous stages with a new trick. Whenever his body glows purple he will flip the screen and a fireball will be launched at you. You must dodge them while shooting at him.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – Boss Cerberus

To beat Cerberus you must have these things. First the ‘Cloud’ (found in Coliseum – Level 4) and second your command deck must have Cure abilities.

Defeating this monster is not all about attacking it, but you must defend and block all his attacks while attacking him and Cure your team whenever needed. Use Normal attack combo. Be very careful and dodge quickly whenever he throws his Firaga Ball at you.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – Boss Hades

To defeat Hades you have to use your Licenses and several attacking combos. Start of with Defense and Strength to get more Critical Damage and use AutoBlock. Block the firewalls coming your way and use licenses insanely. Whenever you need health use Potions or Cura.

Hades also summons three shadows. Use cloud’s Omni-slash to finish them off in a single blow.

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded – Boss Jafar (Sorcerer)

Jafar casts fireballs from his scepter, and will also generates a block which rushes towards you to attack you. Now you can jump to the outer edge of the platform to get a breathing space because jafar will attack insanely and you have to use Cura to defend yourself. You need to judge his location and prepare your attack move.

Jafar will always keep on changing locations so you must stick with him and find a chance to get close and use attacking combos to damage ’em and use Firaga or Blizzaga (your long ranged weapons).
Also hit those boxes on the platform to gain additional abilities like Blade Bash.