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Rage-Quit: Video Games – Online Multiplayer

Rage Quitting is a common practice in online video games when a player gets killed so many times that he yells or “rages” at the computer monitor, which is usually followed by an alt+F4 or a “User has disconnected”.

I’ll probably be the first one to admit that I was an infamous rage quitter (we’ll get to that silly little term in a jiffy) among my team members, and I often found them saying not-so-nice things about me behind my back for that. I thought of them as total jerks at first, but when I experienced somebody doing the rage-quit in front of me (I speak of it as if it’s some dance-macabre), I felt the urge to buy a real gun and blast his real puny head to smithereens.

What I did was not even close to that (it was more like just a few very, very bad curse words and exaggeratedly vulgar gestures with my hands), but I soon began to realize that rage-quitting is probably the stupidest thing a person can do to save him or herself from frustration.

If you are still in doubt about what the heck Rage Quitting is, read the following extract.

“Rage-quitting is the act of giving up in a butt-hurt manner when you fail at the internet or life. Sometimes it is accompanied by a long-winded flounce. It is commonly the desired end-result of any particular troll, rage-quitting is the internet equivalent to giving everyone the middle-finger before slamming the door and going off to drown your sorrows in alcohol.”

Well, rage-quitting isn’t exactly word-to-word the same thing, but you get the idea (I hope so anyways). A rage-quitter is just an ordinary dude like myself, who seems to have practiced this art more than once. That’s right, do it more than once and that tag stays with you forever.

What I basically mean by all this gibberish is that rage quitting is as bad for the spirit of esports as spoiled nachos for corn-dog lovers (whatever that means). It gets a person nowhere and moreover ticks-off the opponent team, creating undesired rifts and vendettas between them. More importantly, it creates distrust and distress among your team members and your importance to them is stultified.

It surely is alright to feel rage and anger while playing matches or even friendly’s, but fleeing from the battlefield is a coward’s act and back in old times they shot cowards who dared do such a thing (I know you’re probably thinking ‘that was in real-life wars, you twit’ but it’s pretty much the same damned thing, the feeling of getting betrayed is unpleasant regardless of the conditions).

I myself managed to successfully get rid of this nasty old habit o’ mine and now even when I feel that there is no hope for me or my stupid, stupid team, I still don’t quit the battlefield (so what if I curse at the top of my voice to the extent that later on I myself feel embarrassed about the things I barked out; at least I don’t rage-quit anymore right?….. right?).

In short, don’t rage-quit. Just shut-up and let it end as soon as possible. Or curse like a retard but don’t feel overly insecure for Rage Quitting either or you will need a therapy.