Bulletstorm Skillshots Guide

By   /   Feb 22, 2011

Skillshots are what distinguish Bulletstorm from the plethora of other first-person shooter games. Skillshots are more rewarding then killing simply, you earn more points, and you can earn even more points by chaining different skillshots. You can use the points earned to upgrade weapons  – Simple ?

There are total of 135 different Skillshots in Bulletstorm which you can employ to earn these points. Following is the brief guide to all these Skillshots and how you can perform them in the game.

Bulletstorm Skillshots – General I

SkillShotHow To
GraffitiKill an enemy by kicking him against a surface.
ShockerKill an enemy by flinging him into an electrical source.
PrickedKill an enemy by flinging them into a cactus.
Voodoo DollKill an enemy by flinging them into a sharp object.
VertigoSend an enemy down a huge drop.
Fly GuyKill an enemy by flinging them into a swarm of electro flies.
AfterburnerKill an enemy who is on fire.
EnviroMentalKill on or more enemies using an enviromental explosive.
FeederFeed an enemy to a flytrap
Bad DigestionCause a Flytrap to swallow something explosive.
AntidoteKill an enemy who is infected by the puffball gas.
Toxic LoveKill an enemy while infected by puffball gas.
NominatedKill an enemy with a Nom parasite on their head.
ScareCrowPut a Nom parasite on an enemy’s head then impale them.
LeakPut a Nom parasite on an enemy’s head then take a headshot.
Heads UpPut a Nom Parasite on an enemy’s head then take their head off.
FastFoodRam an enemy to death with a hot dog cart.
Sausage FestKill an enemy using a hot dog cart explosion.
ExterminatorKill an entire swarm of electro flies.
Killer NewsKill someone with the explosion of a newsbot
IntoxicatedKill an enemy while drunk on Nom Juice.

Bulletstorm Skillshots – General II

SkillshotsHow To
Slam DunkSmash an airborne enemy into the ground using the Thumper.
Trap ShootingUse bullets to kill a Thumped enemy.
Fly SwatterThump an enemy so he smashes into the ceiling or an impaler.
FertilizerExplode two or more thumped enemies using an enviromental explosive.
TouchdownThump a stunned miniboss to his death.
BossedKill a mini boss.
Fire in The HoleWhen a miniboss is stunned, kick him from behind, and then shoot him in the butt.
Kick offRemove a miniboss’s helmet, and then when he is stunned again, kick his head off.
WhiplashRemove a miniboss’s helmet, and then when he is stunned again, leash his head off.
Stomach PumpKill a miniboss by firing a charged drill into his stomach and then kicking it.
Friendly FireKill an enemy by flinging them into the fire of another enemy.
BombshellKill two or more enemies from an exploding Flailbomber.
AssPlosionKill a burnout by shooting his ass growth.
Blind FireKill Someone while blinded by a flare.
DischargedKill a Heavy Echo trooper with a charged PMC when he’s charging his.
SkyJackKill a gyrocopter pilot while the vehicle is airborne.
ParashootLeash an enemy out of a gyrocopter and kill him before he lands.
FlakDestroy a gyrocopter using a indirect explosion.
Gotcha !Leash a Creep or Skull Flaregunner and kill them in mid air.
Full ThrottleUse bullets to kill two or more enemies without letting go of the trigger.
First in Last outGet an enemy airborne, kill a different enemy, then kill the first before he lands.

Bulletstorm Skillshots – PeaceMaker Carbine

SkillshotsHow To
HeadshotKill an enemy by taking a headshot.
Bullet KickKick an enemy and shooting him in mid-air.
Bullet SlideSlide into an enemy and shoot em in mid air.
Gag ReflexKill an enemy with a shot in the throat.
Rear EntryKill an enemy by shooting him in the ass.
Trip wireShoot a running enemy in the legs to trio him, and then finish him off before he gets up.
MercyShoot an enemy in the balls and kick or shoot his head off.
BonedCharged : Kill an enemy within a moment of getting them in your sights.
OverkillCharged : Execute a headshot with the Charge Shot.
X-Ray – ChargedKill two or more enemies with a single Charge Shot.

Bulletstorm Skillshots – Screamer

SkillshotsHow To
One Hit WonderPerform a clean execution by using only a single bullet to kill the enemy.
SurgeonKill an enemy by shooting only one single limb repeatedly.
Fast DrawKill an enemy the moment you have them in your sights.
SnapShotKill an airborne enemy the moment you have them in your sights.
GunSlingerScore two or more Fastdraws or Snapshots in a row.
EnlightenmentCharged: Shoot an enemy in the head with a flare and let it explode.
MisfireCharged: Flare an enemy but kill him before it explodes.
FireballCharged: Shoot an enemy with a flare so it explodes and kills another enemy.
FireWorksCharged: Explode an enemy who is 20 meters or higher in the air.
FireFighterCharged: Ignite three or more enemies and kill them while they burn.

Bulletstorm Skillshots – FlailGun

SkillshotsHow To
Grenade GagWrap a flail around the head of an enemy and explode it.
Gang BangKill two or more enemies with a single flail explosion.
MineFieldKill an enemy by exploding a flail attached to a surface.
SadistWrap a flail around an enemy but kill him before it explodes.
Meat SlicerSlice an enemy in half while wrapping the flail around an object.
Head SlicerDecapitate an enemy after wrapping the flail around an object.
Homie MissileUse a flail-wrapped airborne enemy to kill another enemy.
Smart MineUse a flail-wrapped standing enemy to kill an airborne enemy.
Chain ReactionCharged:  Slice two or more enemies in half using a flail Charge Shot.
French RevolutionCharged:  Decapitate two or more enemies with a flail Charge Shot.

Bulletstorm Skillshots – BoneDuster

SkillshotsHow To
ToplessBlast away the top half of an enemy.
LeglessBlow the legs off an enemy.
SplatterPunkKill a downed enemy by blasting him against the floor.
Pump ActionGet an enemy airborne and use shotgun to blast him into an environmental hazard.
TorpedoKill an enemy by shooting him while sliding.
PileDriverGet an enemy airborne and then smash him into a surface with the shotgun blast.
JugglerBlast an airborne enemy twice and then kill him before or on landing.
SlugfestKill two or more enemies with one standard shot.
BurnCharged:  Vaporize two or more enemies with a single Charge Shot
Acid RainCharged:  Vaporize two or more enemies in mid-air.

Bulletstorm Skillshots – Head Hunter

SkillshotsHow To
Show OffKill an enemy in 10 meters  range without using the scope.
Broken WingsKill a thumped enemy with a guided bullet.
AccidentShoot an enemy and have him die from hitting an environmental hazard.
BluffKill an enemy who is not actually the chosen target of the bullet.
Nut CrackerKill an enemy by guiding a bullet into his balls.
HotShotKill a dodging enemy by targeting a weak spot like the head or throat.
PrematureCharged:  Explode the bullet to kill the target before it hits him.
Letter BombCharged:  Explode two or more enemies using a single bullet.
ShrapnelCharged:  Explode two or more airborne enemies using a single bullet.
Early RetirementCharged:  Kill an enemy controlled with the charged bullet before it explodes.

Bulletstorm Skillshots – Bouncer

SkillshotsHow To
Direct HitKill an enemy with a direct hit from the cannonball.
Money ShotKill an enemy by launching a ball at them and exploding it before it hits anything.
BoomKill two or more enemies with one cannonball.
Carpet BombingBounce a cannonball at least two times before killing an enemy with it.
BullyDetonate a cannonball to kill an enemy just after knocking them over with it.
Trick ShotKill an enemy with a cannonball bounced off a wall or obstacle.
Lucky ShotKill an enemy with a cannonball that travelled over 100 meters without bouncing.
Meat FountainKill two or more airborne enemies with one cannonball.
Kick of DoomCharged:  Kill an enemy by kicking a cannonball.
SledgehammerCharged:  Kill three or more enemies with one charged cannonball.

Bulletstorm Skillshots – Penetrator

SkillshotsHow To
BreakdanceDrill an enemy into the ground.
Fan-TasticDrill an enemy into the ceiling.
Root CanalInset a drill into an enemy’s head.
TwistedFire a drill into an enemy but have him die by other means.
Mile High ClubSend an enemy into the sky.
Air StrikeImpale a thumped enemy into a standing enemy.
ShishkebabImpale two or more enemies with a single drill.
WingmenImpale two or more airborne enemies with a single drill.
StringerCharged:  Suspend a drilled enemy mid-air, and then kick him into another enemy.
DrilldoCharged:  Ram two or more enemies during a slide with the charged weapon.

Bulletstorm Secret Skillshots (Story Related)

SkillshotsHow To
PancakeCrush an enemy between a wall and a heavy object.
Mass ExtinctionStomp someone to death with the MechaTon.
Kill-O-Watt.Push an enemy into an electric building in Mechaton’s mini-city.
Fish FoodFeed the fish to an enemy.
FloaterKick an enemy into the streaming water.
GrinderKill an enemy by pushing him into the big water wheel of DAM.
Man ToastKill enemies using the reactors.
TenderizerKill an enemy using an elevator.
Ding DongKill an enemy by opening the doors of the ceiling in the collapsed building.
HalloweenPut Nom on head of an enemy, and then kick him into an electric object.
Steady HandOnly hit the weakspot of a burnout and kill.
Dino-SoreGet a successful hit on Hekaton’s neck wound.
OutburstPush an enemy into the storm.
SuckerKill enemies using the giant fans.
ForcedKill an enemy by flinging them into an electromagnetic pulse barrier.
EjaculatedJettison the Heavy Echoes in Cargo Hold.
Weed KillerKill the Flytrap Boss.
Minced MeatKill the 1st Burnout miniboss.
Grilled MeatKill the 2nd Burnout miniboss.

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