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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Artifacts Guide

You can easily find Artifacts in Assassins Creed: Brotherhood. You don’t get much from them as only one of these will get you an achievement reward. They are all situated in the present day Monteriggioni. From Sequence 2 you will be given an option to leave the Animus and pause the game so you can find the Artifacts.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Artifacts Guide

1. Claudia’s Record Book
When you will leave the main room and get an ear-piece with a watch, you will be put outside a door with few generators. Go back inside and find the book on the right side’s floor.

2. Maria’s Feather Chest
Climb to the top of the Villa (with a lift) at the top, there is a dent in the roof where you can find the chest.

3. Mario’s Sword
At the bottom of the Central Steps -situated at the front of the Villa, go near the first shop and look at the right side. You will see a white car, with an alley just close to it. Go to that Alley and find a big tree. The sword is stuck in the ground near the big tree.

4. Medici Cape
At the bottom of the Central Steps-situated at the front of the villa, keep following the main road. You will see a red car, Turn to the left alley where the car is parked. Move forward and you will see a church, the cape is present in that Church.

5. Ezio’s Belt
Go to the main gate which goes to Monteriggioni then turn right and go straight, you’ll find a little building with a railing on it, climb the building and you’ll find the belt along with some trash.