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How Killzone 3 Can Revive FPS on Playstation 3

We Knew Killzone 2 and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare would soon bite the dust because, well putting it informally, they’d become old and ‘overplayed’; and sad to say, that’s exactly what has happened.

All hope was on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and future games to keep the multiplayer-mania alive. We dare say that Modern Warfare 2 did a great job for the PS3, with many regular online players and followers, but regretfully it fell into wrong hands, and became plagued by hackers and their shady practices which ultimately ruined the game.

This outbreak of hackers and god-knows-what became so tremendous that Infinity Ward itself claimed that it was beyond what they had feared and there was absolutely nothing they could do to fix it. Moreover, they claimed that the problem itself lies in how poorly the PS3 is protecting the code.

Whether it’s true or just a coward’s way out by Infinity Ward to blame Sony instead of themselves, we won’t know for sure. But what we do know that this has made Modern Warfare 2’s competitive multiplayer on Playstation 3 almost impossible.

On the other hand, Treyarch made an effort to release their bit for the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty Black Ops. Black Ops was a real cash cow for Activision, but competitive gaming fans faced nothing but sheer disappointment.  The game was and still is badly mauled by bugs which cripple the true Call of Duty multiplayer experience.

Treyarch has been releasing fixes now and then but they always have seemed to miss one issue or another – putting fans in a constant struggle to run the damn game without any issue. Survey shows that more than fifty percent of the players playing Call of Duty: Black Ops online have issues with lag, crashes and hit registration in the game even after several updates and having good connection speeds.

Moreover, many regular Call of Duty series followers claim Black Ops to be the weakest in terms of online gameplay due to uneven teams in many of the game-modes, lag-switching, and unfair spawning. Though these complaints may sound a bit too harsh, they have been stated by more than 30 percent of the regular Call of Duty series followers (a good bit are busy trying to fix lag issues and crashes, and don’t seem to care of how they play).

A surprising amount of players have also shown their concern over the list of weapons available, claiming some of the weapons to be ‘absolutely useless and junk’ or ‘garbage guns’. The game also generally tends to feel like it is a step-back from what hardcore online-gamers called ‘competitive-gaming’ to more light-handed ‘pass-the-time’ approach.

To put it simply, Black Ops truly hasn’t made a good impression on most multiplayer gamers who really are well aware of what multiplayer gaming is all about. Some may think differently, but it’s definitely not, according to majority, the path that multiplayer gaming on the Playstation 3 should be taking.

So what really can bring back a ray of hope, of success and fun; not just any kind of fun, but competitive and well executed fun? Additionally, what can be done to actually prevent any mishaps to happen, like the ones with Modern Warfare 2?

No one can promise anything, but it does seem to come down to Killzone 3 to bring the goods to multiplayer gaming on PS3, and not just any goods, but goods that almost all of us can approve that these are the goods that us multiplayer gamers need. Killzone fans and probably general multiplayer-gamers will be keeping their hopes high that the 3rd installation to the Killzone series will bring about joy and glory back to online-gaming on Playstation 3.

What’s even more important is that Sony (and Guerilla Games) do all they can to prevent mayhem to occur like the one with Modern Warfare 2. We’ll have to wait till the 22nd of February 2011 to find out. Till then lets just keep our fingers crossed.