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PSN – Sony Can Now Officially Spy on You

It hasn’t been a day since hackers warned the use of custom firmware for its extreme implications. Any custom firmware installed on your Playstation 3 system can basically game PS3 security and get all the information your PS3 sends to Sony. It seems like Sony has taken a step to stop this by starting to monitor and record your communications.

Sony has updated its PSN ‘Terms of Service and User Agreement’ which basically requires you to allow Sony to monitor and record your activities and communications. Read the following excerpt from PSN Terms and Service agreement.

There is no requirement or expectation that SCEA will monitor or record any activity on Sony Online Services, including communications, although SCEA reserves the right to do so and you hereby give SCEA your express consent to monitor and record your activities and communications.

Read last section of ‘Community Code of Conduct’ in the official legal document detailing every aspect Terms of Service and User Agreement here.

So it seems Sony’s latest firmware update did upload rootkit on Playstation 3 in order to Spy on its users. If this is the case, it can cause several legal problems for the company itself. First of all, the very idea that some piece of software could spy on gamers may raise several legal privacy concerns.

Sony may be walking down the same road it did 6 years ago when it deliberately tried to install rootkit on PC’s in order to counter piracy by encoding their CD’s with the infamous SunnComm/MediaMaxx technology, which was highly questionable under law.

I have mixed feelings about this amidst privacy concerns, don’t know what you have to say about this. You can voice your opinion and let it be heard!