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EA – Battlefield 3 Will be 2011’s Game of the Year!

EA CEO John Riccitiello has said that he is expecting DICE’s Battlefield 3 to be the game of the year 2011.

“I’ve made no excuse for the reality that I want market leadership in the first-person shooter game business,” the exec said at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference. In many ways I feel that we created the first mass market first-person shooter with Medal of Honor and unfortunately with the transition to the PS3 era we lost that. We’re after it now.

We think there’s a window of opportunity here,” he added, suggesting the company’s primed to steal market share from Activision and current genre king Call of Duty. We’ve been investing for three years to build Battlefield 3. I think it will stand up as the best product in the industry this year… and we’re going dead at ’em.

Battlefield 3 will feature diversified locations including Paris, Tehran and New York.The story will be completely different from Bad Company. It will also feature four playable classes and 24 player multiplayer on consoles while the classic 64 player multiplayer on PC.