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Bloodline Champions: Developer Interview

Bloodline Champions is an arena-based PvP game featuring unique and action oriented gameplay. Upto 10 players can join the action with each player choosing from variety of available Bloodlines.

Bloodline Champions features unique in-game level up system, and innovative controls. Our curiosity lead us to ask questions to the development team about the new control scheme, game engine and the inspiration behind choosing an arena based format.

Thankfully, the leading figure behind the development team, the CEO of Stunlock Studios Tau Petersson decided to answer those questions.

Q: Stunlock Studios will be making a debut with Bloodline Champions, what are your thoughts?

Tau Petersson: It’s all very exciting! We’ve been working hard on Bloodline Champions since 2008 and the fact that we’re getting close to release of the game is amazing!

Q: We hear most of the development team working at Stunlock Studios consist of fresh graduates, how is it working out?

Tau Petersson: Yes, most of us are fresh graduates. We came up with the game concept during a project at university that we decided to keep working on. I’m sure it’s easier to start working in an already existing company with structures and defined way of how the work is suppose to be done. But on the other hand it’s very exciting to start your own company together with friends and shape the company from your own idea of how you want to work.

Q: Was there any special reason or thought process for choosing an “Arena Based” gameplay for Bloodline Champions?

Tau Petersson: A lot of us in the development team enjoy PvP games of different kinds so it made sense trying to create a game we would like to play.

As you can easily see in Bloodline Champions there’s inspiration from a lot of different genres which has come together creating a unique and fresh gameplay for the genre.
Bloodline Champions Arena
Q: We have almost every type of MMO coming out these days, what do you think will make “Bloodline Champions” stand out?

Tau Petersson: The fact that bloodline champions is focused around pure PvP and have such a unique and action-filled gameplay makes it stand out. Bloodline Champions offer quite a different experience than most other games in the MOBA genre which gives people something new to try out and to vary their playtime with.

Q: If you could explain Bloodline Champions leveling system. At the moment it shows only the skill level and players could grind to a higher level just by doing a simple 1v1. Would there be any further benefits or power ups other than a rank badge and entering high level arenas?

Tau Petersson: The level in Bloodline Champions shows how experienced a player is. Your grade on the other hand shows your skill level. A high grade does not give a player any benefits in game, he’ll be on the top just because he’s that good and fought his way there on the same terms as everyone else.

Q: I had a hard time casting spells with mouse direction. Though its an innovative approach to controls in MMO, are you positive people will adapt ?

Tau Petersson: The control system in Bloodline champions is one of the biggest differences from other games in the genre. It’s also what gives Bloodline Champions such a action filled gameplay and when talking to our players they love it. We’ve had people saying it’s the kind of game they have been waiting on for years.
Bloodline Champions
Q: Is there any plans to target the competitive community with the game? Can we expect sponsored events in the near future?

Tau Petersson: Definitely, we work together with James “2gd” Harding who’s the e-sports manager for Bloodline Champions to make sure it takes its rightful place in the competitive gaming scene.

Q: Almost everyone is opting for “Harbinger” at the moment. We were told that the character is over-powered. Do you agree and will there be future balances done to the classes to provide a fair game play?

Tau Petersson: The most popular bloodline actually changes from month to month, and we work very hard on balancing the game. Balance is crucial for us, and we listen to our community and what they have to say. At the moment, our classes are all very balance, but the nature of the Arena PVP genre means someone will always deem a class as overpowered or indeed underpowered.

Q: Nowadays everyone is hush hush about their game engine and mod tools. Can we know about the engine you used and if there will be any sort of mod tools available for custom maps and the like?

Tau Petersson: We’ve built our own engine using the XNA framework, and it’s not very user friendly so if you have not been around during the process of its development it would be very hard to use. So we do not plan to release it to the players.

We would like to Thank Tau Petersson for taking the time to answer our questions.