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EarthRise (MMO) Survival Guide

A Corporate government controls a civilization, its resources, technology and even life itself by controlling the cloning process. Rival factions accuse the government of crimes against humanity for using the cloning process for its own use. Fight as a champion of the new world order, or take up arms with Noir, the corporate government using every resource it owns to overthrow the rebels.

You will explore the diverse capital city of Sal Vitas and surrounding unclaimed territories. Fight with unique PvP mechanics offering immense customization options and an arsenal of weapons to control contested lands and their resources. Trade legally or use black market for your needs, all forming a unique and highly customized crafting and level up system.

EarthRise’s gameplay approach take you to the realistic levels of gameplay, you always wished for.

EarthRise Survival Guide

EarthRise survival guide; know how every gameplay element in EarthRise works and interacts with other elements and build a strong understanding of the game.

EarthRise PvP

Friendly fire is in the game which makes things interesting from PVP perspective. You have a choice to attack anybody. This gives more realistic feel to EarthRise PVP gameplay. It may piss off government organization and you may have to explain your actions.

If you die in a battle, there is the possibility of all your items getting stolen again a realistic approach to loot. There is not much explanation available on which of your items can be stolen or are there specific items that you can always retain.

EarthRise PvE

Unique Mob AI and Challenges
The PvE opponents work randomly. Some of them will fight till death in the battles, where as some will just retreat or call in more help. Some will not care about what’s happening around while some will be up to take advantage of the ongoing situation. Everything is unexpected, so the players will not know what is coming next which makes it more exciting.

Raid Mobs
Raids in EarthRise also feature an element of surprise; anything can happen in them. Mobs are difficult to kill unlike traditional MMO’s in which Mobs are mere obstacles in the way which you clear on the go.

EarthRise features strong inter-relationship of PvE and PvP. The PvE randomly generated missions will consist of the PvE involvement. You will have to do the combat, crafting, and exploration in those missions too. When you will work for different organizations, you will have to donate different items to different organizations. This social interaction makes EarthRise engaging and fun.

Quests & Bounties

Quests in EarthRise are similar to any MMORPG you have played. You will have to do different quests. By doing quests, you will gain experience and level up. These organizations will also help you do the quests and increase your abilities. You are given multiple choices to performing a task – another great aspect of EarthRise gameplay.

EarthRise also features a bounty system. You set a reward on your killer and when the job gets done, the doer gets paid. The bounty killers also get other rewards by completing their missions. Top bounty hunters will be advertised throughout the Sal Vitas for their services and they don’t come cheap.

They will be heavily respected due to their vengeance. Developer’s are also working on Guild vs Guild system where you will fight for a guild against the other. You can betray your own team and work as a spy too.


Personal Vehicles are hovercrafts; players won’t be able to steal other vehicles. You can customize your vehicle. You don’t need to refuel them but taking care of them is a vital part. You can teleport but it doesn’t come free. You can only teleport between low security areas.

You will use Mechanoids for harvesting, transporting and of course combat. You will need the utmost skills to maintain the machine, refuel and keep it maintained. You can own as many Mechanoids as you want, and customize them to your liking.

Combat System

The effective range and the maximum range are different for all of the weapons. You will always hit the target if it’s not moving and your aim is right. But things get more complex for moving targets. You can trick the bullets by sprinting/jumping.

It will decrease the accuracy and result in dodging. The target locking is not fully automated. You will have to aim a little and then your target gets locked.


Crafting is divided into two types, the rare and the common materials. The common materials are used to make things like ammunition. These materials are widely available throughout the areas. You can buy them easily. Their price is variable and dependent on the status of the mines. The price also decreases when the mines are guarded from attacks.

The second type is the rare materials. They are quite limited, found across the area in the form of harvestable deposits. These materials are used for the production of the mid and high level items. These materials are also obtainable by completing different quests. You get some items when you complete a quest. You can also dismantle your items, so you can use their items for further use.

In EarthRise, you can also build houses, vehicles, medicines along with the weapons and armor. An item once dismantled for the further use of its materials lower downs their quality. So there will be a time when they will become useless and you’ll just have to throw them. This also requires different skills like mechanics, engineering, construction and programming.


People can also get their stuff insured. So whenever they get looted or killed by a guard or a player in the game, they will get their items back whenever they will re-spawn with a new clone. This makes the game quite interesting and realistic. You will have to go to different terminals for getting your stuff insured.

You can either get all the stuff insured or a part of it, like only the armor system. Not all items can be insured as few items are rare and unique, so the insurance will not count that. The insurance cost is obviously different for the illegal items. Insurance is also linked to the PvP. If a player kills an insured player, then the killer will get a portion of the insured money from the victim. If a number of people are responsible for it, then the reward will be equally divided.