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Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Strategy Guide

Dead Space 2 multiplayer is objective oriented. Gameplay is quite balanced in a sense that both the teams play as humans as well as necromorphs in successive rounds. Humans are to complete certain objectives in the given time limit to win while necromorphs delay them so that they can’t complete the objectives.

Once an objective is completed, another objective with additional time is added till all the objectives are completed. The next round starts but this time, sides are switched and the team with the best cumulative score at the end wins the match.

Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Strategy Guide

Following Dead Space 2 Strategy Guide will walk you through the basic tactics you can employ while playing as human or necromorph in Dead Space 2.

How to Play Human in Dead Space 2

Humans have advantage considering the firepower and point collection. You can use all the experience from the single player campaign to devise the strategy. You will have a traditional gun along with stasis and a medipack right from the start. You have an extra weapon slot which has a plasma cutter in the beginning. You can add other weapons once you have sufficient XP to unlock them.

While playing as human, it is recommended that you stick together as necromorphs can easily outrun you. Furthermore, if you are together, one medipack will heal all the teammates in range. You need to learn the use of stasis in the areas crowded with enemies.

Like in singleplayer, you can halt one enemy while you deal with others. You can’t afford to loose time so stick together, team work is the key. You need to keep moving towards the objective. Remember that necromorphs can see human skeletons through walls. So there is no such thing as cover in Dead Space 2 multiplayer.

Although the maps are confusing, the path locator will keep you in business. One thing you should keep in mind is while activating objective consoles, you don’t need to look at them. Instead, you can investigate the area for any hidden necromorphs before they can attack you.

It’s better that you have a player to cover your ass while you are activating the console. And yea don’t forget to gather ammo from the enemy corpses.

How to Play Necromorph in Dead Space 2

You need a whole different strategy while playing as necromorph. Playing as a Lurker or Puker, you can use the powerful range attacks to eliminate enemies. Your ranged attacks will get better as you level up with the passage of time.

Every necromorph has the ability to perform the execution attack. Both the players (human as well as necromorph) press the action button after the attack. Player who nullify all opponents points first, gets a kill. Yes, there can be a draw where both the opponents die.

While re-spawning, you can choose any of the vents in the map. So being a necromorph, you have the element of surprise. You can choose to spawn behind your enemy and then enjoy the meat. While playing as a Lurker, make sure aiming reticules are aligned properly for the maximum damage.

Number is the ultimate necromorph strength. You will also be aided by NPC’s (non human players). So if you are playing a 4 on 4 match, necromorphs will be more than 4. Try attacking in small groups as in this way you will have a better chance for a combined execution attacks. You can choose from one of the following necromorph classes:

Lurker is difficult to spot and can attack from walls or ceilings. While leaping, it can cover longer distance. Ranged attacks can inflict more damage. It’s low health and limited movements while firing projectiles are the main weaknesses.

Pack is best suited for melee attacks. It has the quickest re-spawn time and descent leap range. Since it lacks ranged attacks, it is not effective at long distances.

It’s quick movements along with accurate range attacks makes it a difficult necromorph to deal with. But it’s long re-spawn time can be annoying.

It’s characteristic acidic pukes slow down enemy movement. It is quite effective when it comes to melee attacks. It’s slow mobility can limit your attacking options.

Dead Space 2 Multiplayer Map Guide

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Plan your strategy considering the weaknesses and strengths of each character (human or non-human). Your strategy will obviously depend on your playing style. So always go for the setup you feel easy with and don’t act as a copy cat.