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Breach (PC, XBLA) Tips and Strategy Guide

Breach is nothing like Battlefield or the Call of Duty series which you have been playing lately. It is more like Counter Strike with better visuals. This Guide will get you started with Breach!

Breach Tips

Team Work
First thing you need to understand is that Breach is different from Call of Duty, Battlefield and the likes. So don’t employ your Call of Duty or Battlefield tricks. Always cover your teammates whenever they are in a one-on-one combat. Any team with a little information of covering each other can easily shave your side and that is by design.

You have to do your dirty work slowly and steady. Move cover to cover as there are a lot of vacant\open places in the maps.

Suppression is what makes Breach unique, your accuracy decreases when you are under fire. The screen turns a little white and shakes. Don’t get out from your cover or do the matrix style. Wait for the enemy to empty his mag and then try to run away or aim for him. Make sure you have this in mind when you’re shooting on someone.

Take Cover
Staying in cover will get you a hell lot of advantage. Always stay in the cover and you will be able to come out of the worst situations. This way you can just spray over the enemies. They will come under suppression and their accuracy will gradually decrease. Behind the cover, the enemy can not kill you easily as he will need to aim on your exposed parts only.

Use Destructible Environment to Your Advantage
You can blow off walls and balconies in the game to create a new way for yourself or demolish something for the greater good. Snipers and the Riflemen are given some explosives which they can use to plant on different walls, bridges or buildings to blow off.

You can also use RPG’s for your dirty work. Entire buildings can’t be blown but you can demolish some parts of these like the balconies. Clear off the enemies from that and plant an explosive or fire an RPG.
If you see a brick house you can also break through its wall. You can make holes in the bridges to change the enemy route.

Breach Game Types Strategy

Work as a convoy. You have to take your convoy to a destination where as the enemies will have to stop that convoy reaching the set destination. The convoy team has to repair the package again and again making it a team driven effort. All of your teammates will have to do their part as it is not a one-man show.

The opposition will use RPG’s to destroy you and your vehicles. When something is badly damaged a notification icon is appeared so you can fix it. So make sure your teammates cover you. You will always need a player on the backside of your convoy. Or else it won’t lead forward.

If you have more players on the back, your convoy will move much faster. But keep it in mind, one RPG and all of you are in danger. There are different barricades on the route. You or your team-mates will have to destroy them by planting an explosive.

Retrieval again asks for a team driven effort to win. The person with the canister cannot use any of his weapons other then the knife. So that helpless soul is counting on you. If that guy dies then the canister will stay on that spot for sometime until someone else picks it up.

Or it will get reset (back to its old position). You can also drop it and use all of your weapons again. Do it only if your team is not with you. Chose the best and the easiest route of the map. So you can go home easily.

Capture the flag is the synonym to infiltration. Capture the maps to score points. The first one to reach the limit wins. Work as a team, use your head.

Weapons and Perks

Every equipment has its own rule so there is no perfect weapon in Breach. You can choose the weapon which suits you. Your level increases gradually just like the other games to unlock other weapons.

You can start with your favorite weapon, one you crave about and use grenade launchers. Though, I won’t suggest its use everytime but in the early stages you need kills and experience points to level up and grenade launcher is the easy way to do that.

Perks and gadgets are also very important in the game. At start you don’t have that much of choice between them. But by leveling up you will come across variety of options.


Dragon Skin – It is just like the body armor.
Sticky Bombs – Useful for destroying buildings.


Conditioning: You can sprint for a longer time. It is very useful when your team is not with you, if combined with Dragon Skin-You can get out of the pass through situations under gun fire.


Fire in bursts, take your time, and don’t fire extravagantly or you will be spotted on the radar (People aren’t blind like you). Breach Charges can be planted on any place, and on the enemies too so now you know what you need to do. You can use Sobotage kit to Sobotage the ammo stations, they are really very helpful.