Magicka Elements/Spells Guide

By   /   Feb 4, 2011

Core to Magicka’s gameplay is its ability to combine various elements to perform magic attacks. There are set of rules that govern the combination of these elements.

There are eight primary elements, and two sub elements that can be used to combine and produce different magic spells. You can conjure Magick (These are the powerful magic spells that you earn during the campaign and summon against enemies and allies alike. Read our Magicka Magick Guide for more on that. ) by combining the elements in a set order.

Primary Elements

Water(Q)SprayWets, knockback, Low DamageLightning(A)
Lightning (A)LightningDouble damage vs. Wet targets, Piercing, Multiple unitsEarth (D)
Life (W)BeamLocks on, Healing, Damage to undeadArcane (S)
Arcane (S)BeamLocks on, Explosive, Heals undeadLife (W)
Shield (E)ShieldProtective ShieldShield (E)
Earth (D)ProjectileHigh damage, KnockdownLightning (A)
Cold (R)SprayChills, Freezes Wet TargetsFire (F)
Fire (F)SprayDamage Over Time, Causes PanicCold (R)

Sub Elements

SteamWater(Q), Fire (F)SprayWetsCold(R)
IceWater(Q), Cold (R)ProjectileMultiple Shards, PiercingFire (F)

Experiment with these elements to create powerful spells but take into account how these elements interact with each other. Interaction between these elements while combining will govern which element takes the precedence over the other. For more on Magicka, Check our Magicka Guide.

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