2011 – Top 8 PSP Games

2011 comes with very interesting titles for PSP and who knows, this list gets more interesting as the time passes.

8. Valkyria Chronicles 3
All who have played Valkyria 2 are expecting the next installment to be pretty good. Game’s innovative 3rd person combat and turn-based strategy makes it stand. Last installment on PS3 was pretty good and PSP version was at one point running for the game of the year. Let’s see how it turns out this year.

7. Final Fantasy IV
Square Enix is bringing the famous classic role playing game to the portable system. We expect refined battle system for PSP but not too simple that the game looses its charm.

6. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
If you want to play something like Mass Effect on the PSP, then Tactics Ogre is the name. It is a remake of the old SNES JRPG. It will be quite a big success if it is something like the Mass-Effect and not another fail strategy.

5. The 3rd Birthday: Parasite Eve
The Babel came out from the middle of the city, a dangerous creature which is killing almost everybody and gaining strength day by day. Something called overdrive is developed by the defense resources, through it the players can switch between the bodies for a better result in the battlefield. The story of this game is super interesting, We have to see whether its game-play is good too.

4. Pac-Man Championship Ed.
It is a port of the original Pac-Man and not the Pac-Man. What Namco has to take care of is that the game is perfectly fitting on the PSP or it wont be that much fun as it used to be in the old days.

3. Monster Hunter Freedom 3
More then 2 million copies of monster hunter freedom 3 were sold. If the game will be good on the PSP then it is surely going to rock the shelves and your PSP’s. It’s going to be super cool if the developers put in some more quests, monsters and items etc.

2. Patapon 3
Patapon 3 is a rhythm game for the PlayStation Portable and sequel to Patapon 2. It is being developed by Pyramid and Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

1. Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy
Either play for the Goddess Cosmos or fight with the agent Chaos in the epic battle between heroes and villains. There are few modifications in this installment, but it is mostly like the original one. It will have a large number of unlockables and modes. So you will be busy for quite a long time on your PSP.

Tell us which game you are anticipating the most ?