2011 – Top 6 Nintendo Wii Games

For Nintendo Wii, 2011 is pretty much like 2010. The console couldn’t find many popular game last year. We are listing 6 games that are interesting enough to make it to the top for Wii.

6. Lost in Shadow
Lost in Shadow is one of the first major releases for Wii. Just released this month is an interesting title for any fantasy world fan.

5. Mario Sports Mix
Mario and his family have always entertained us, this time they are going for basketball, dodgeball, volleyball and hockey. You can play solo or with 3 of your friends (2 per console). Coming in February you can expect good things out of this game.

4. Conduit 2
The original Conduit took the FPS on Wii to a whole new level. So we expect a lot from the sequel. Developer has made several statement on refined visuals and gameplay. Multiplayer has also been enhanced so overall you can expect a good game.

3. XenoBlade
Xenoblade may be one of the most anticipated games on Wii because of its unique approach to the RPG genre. Rumors are there that this game may not get released in the US.

2. The Last Story
This is again something like Xenoblade, not sure again whether it will see a US release date. It looks to have deeper JRPG experience and hopefully it isn’t just another Final Fantasy clone.

1. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Zelda is a series which is famous for the perfection of its gameplay. This is why we believe Skyward Sword will be a super hit. Skyward Sword will have an improved visual system. It is set before the Ocarina of Time. And the character will go through an extremely dangerous world set in between the skies.

Anything you feel should be in the list ? share your opinion with us in comments.